ZoKnowsGaming: L.A. Noire Review: The Tale Of Two Cities

ZoKnowsGaming writes "L.A. Noire is a game I have been waiting to review for months. From the first moment I heard about the game, I was excited to see if Rockstar could deliver in a genre that many have tried and failed at. More than one developer has sought to create an authentic, gritty, 1940’s style experience that was true to the times and at the same time, still enjoyable to play. Rockstar has done just that, creating an experience that draws the player in and doesn’t ever let go. From the start, L.A. Noire holds nothing back, challenging the player to not just “run and gun”, but to think about cases from multiple perspectives, and develop and execute their own investigations as they see fit.

On the surface, Los Angeles is a city of glitz and glam, but just beneath that glossy veneer lies a city full of corruption, deceit, and murder."

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