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Ross Williams writes: 'The year is 1947, Los Angeles a city coming out of the Second World War is alive with both hope and promise. But underneath this great city lies an underworld filled with death and destruction, most of which acts as fuel for Rockstar’s new endeavour L.A Noire. Can the game live up to its billing?'

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Elimin82673d ago

Really? So why comment at all? If it doesn't interest you stay away. However, If and only IF you've played it feel free to explain!

Kon2673d ago

He is free to comment on whatever he wants to comment

Elimin82673d ago

@Kon.. Did you even read my comment? Never said he couldn't! I think if you are going to critic something, make it constructive. In other words why he/she hates/love's it?!!!!!

stu8882673d ago

i agree. theres nothing to do like GTA and RDR

RugbyGod2673d ago

"a trolling they will go..."

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