Terraria First Impressions

First impressions video of the new PC game Terraria from

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fluffydelusions2676d ago

The game is doing well for itself for sure. It's been in the top 10 since release.

Miths2676d ago

It's fun, but - having just started playing - I must admit that after initially setting up a house and having a couple of NPCs move in, it feels like I've just been spending three hours digging in random directions, hoping to run into iron, silver and gold.

I've actually resorted to using a map generator so I have just some hints on where to dig, otherwise I could probably be spending a few weeks swinging a pickaxe, placing torches and run into the occasional monster.
Granted, all that digging has resulted in several health upgrades, a few pieces of copper armor and some iron and silver weapons and tools, but damn... it really is an awful lot of digging :).

To avoid any unnecessary strain on my hands and wrists from keeping that left mouse button pressed for hours at a time, I've also resorted to using an AutoHotKey script to make the left mouse button a toggle.

Catatafish2676d ago

I couldn't get past the issues you stated. I gave up on this game.

Chewy1022676d ago

I only wish that they add more end game stuff to do. Once you get a set of necro or molten armor there's almost nothing left to work for other than weapon farming.