New Okabu trailer shows up

Extra Guy writes: Hand Circus, best known for their work on the iOS hit Rolando, is currently working on a Playstation Network title called Okabu. We wrote a little something-something on it back in December, so please forgive us if the game slipped off our radar — it’s been a while since we’ve heard anything about it. A new trailer has surfaced on Vimeo, however, recapturing our attention.

Titled “Summer 2011 Gameplay”, it’s got us thinking we might see something about it at E3 in just a handful of days. We know it’s slated for a 2011 release, after all.

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CNXN2554d ago

That song sealed the deal... I want this


also this is retardedly great

schlanz2554d ago

Love the art style in this game. Looks promising, hopefully its challenging, lengthy, and supports both online and offline multiplayer