TGV: E3 2011 predictions: Chrono Trigger sequel

Square's RPG classic is coming out for a host of modern gaming consoles and platforms this year, but what does it all mean?

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Sidology2675d ago

For the love of God, Square-Enix, make it so.

Godmars2902675d ago

Need to show that they still have talent/ability first. Anything past DS and PSP titles anyway.

iamtehpwn2675d ago

And I predict that God will descend from the heavens on May 21st 2011...

Oh wait.

Reibooi2675d ago

Really? This guy is predicting this solely on the fact that he wants it to happen? Really?

It's not gonna happen. As much as I would love to see a sequel(which we got with Chrono Cross which was itself a incredible game just not what people were expecting for a follow up) I mean if SE wanted to make a sequel they would have done so LONG ago and I quite frankly don't think they can make a game of the quality of Chrono Trigger(and this is coming from someone who still supports SE)

Would I love to see it happen? Yeah damn right I would but I just don't see it.

Herminator2675d ago

It makes sense, doesn't it? As long as they get the original team back together.

SquareEnixFan2675d ago

Not gonna happen. Also Chrono Trigger already had a sequel.

tablav2675d ago

Maybe they plan on cashing in on those too to make more money.

Chrono Trigger rereleases, followed by Chrono Cross rereleases. Would probably be good for DS and PSP. Who knows, maybe even a limited edition version with Radical Dreamers (though I doubt it).

bangoskank2675d ago

I never had the opportunity to play Radical Dreamers. It would be cool if Square released it as a hidden bonus in the next Chrono game(if that ever happens).

-Gespenst-2675d ago

You do realize that radical dreamers is barely a game right? It's like a text based rpg with the occasional image and it's pretty much agonizing to play. The music's good though.

tablav2674d ago

@ -Gespenst-

Yeah, it is pretty awful, but it's a nice addition for hardcore fans and does give a little bit of back story on Magus. I'd see it as a bonus feature maybe, not a fully fledged game.

bangoskank2674d ago

@ -Gespenst-

Yes, I am aware of what Radical Dreamers is. I grew up in the eighties when text adventures where big and I actually enjoy them. Aside from that I wanted to play it for it for the Magus and Kid back stories even if they aren't canon. I also am a big fan of Yasunori Mitsuda's music.

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Applederp2675d ago

Square Enix would rather make another crappy FFXIII game than this, sadly.

zackacloud2675d ago

What make u so confuse there sequel for XIII!!!!

I love the idea about sequel for first FF than XIII.

XIII was awesome with new idea of action rpg in 2006 trailer

But i don't know what they was thinking about make long movie game showing tradtional rpg.

All of us know, love tradtional rpg it the core of RPG games but it amazing in old games(the legend of game history).

It not use anymore with HD consoles.

Improve the bandwith of elements of rpg will be amazing and again I give an example in FFXIII 2006 trailer

Sorry about bad english. Obviously not my first language.

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The story is too old to be commented.