Player 2 Press start: Five games to play with your girlfriend

Whether your girlfriend is a fan of games or not, here's a list of five excellent games that any couple can enjoy.

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J5Feedback2638d ago

This article reminds me a lot of this song by Danny Wiessner.
Nerdy as hell, but I love it.

tehpees32638d ago

dare people to play dead or alive paradise with her

alexmartin2638d ago

Awesome concept. Love this type of originality.

morkendo2638d ago

wish 2 player mode would come back.

JasonBloodbourne2638d ago

rather play sex with my girlfriend lol

Kon2638d ago

I was about to say that lol

theEx1Le2638d ago

cant believe people disagreed with you lol

JasonBloodbourne2638d ago

they must play with thier hand lol

xGet_In_There2638d ago

L.A. Noire I disagree with. LBP and LBP 2 should be on that list. One of the only games my GF likes.

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