Xbox Will 'Really Put The Screws' to PS4 in Next Console War - Analyst

Sony's chief financial officer commented today that the company won't be investing as heavily in its next console as it did with the prohibitively costly PlayStation 3. This is a very interesting statement to come from Sony, and it could speak to a change in philosophy towards console engineering overall. While Ken "Father of the PlayStation" Kutaragi had always wanted the best technology available for PlayStation, Sony's business can't afford to take massive hits in the future.

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donniebaseball2678d ago

Very interesting commentary. I haven't heard this Asif Khan analyst much before but he's a sharp guy.

Abash2678d ago

Actually, I think MS will have a hard time next gen if Sony launches the PS4 at an equal price as MS's next console

fluffydelusions2678d ago

A lot also depends on when they both launch.

rabidpancakeburglar2678d ago

I doubt it will launch at an equal price but I don't believe that Xbox can get the better of the PS4

guigsy2678d ago

Yeah but the 360 is gaining a stranglehold on the casual market with Kinect which can only grow, so unless Sony comes up with something radically appealing to the causal audience, they may remain in third place next gen.

Like it or not, the causal market is relatively untapped and I think it's the direction console manufacturers are headed. Let's just hope us hardcore gamers don't get left behind.

tehpees32678d ago

pachter says its too early to speculate but he is always speculating trash from years back. still waiting for that PS3 without a blu-ray drive

user8586212678d ago

thing is if Microsoft announced a new xbox soon that would really put the ps3 in danger

Nac2678d ago

"Yeah but the 360 is gaining a stranglehold on the casual market with Kinect which can only grow, so unless Sony comes up with something radically appealing to the causal audience, they may remain in third place next gen."

Won't that be a lose-lose for the hardcore(oh how I hate that term) though?

afterMoth2678d ago (Edited 2678d ago )

Who the is stupid enough to trust MS after such a poorly designed system in the 360? Revision after revision after revision after revision... RROD RROD RROD RROD...

I'm not getting duped again. Aside from the hardware there wasn't much worth playing until over a year in. And I need at least a year to see if people aren't having tech issues that are on the level or recall.

Fool me once, shame on me, Fool me twice..

gamingdroid2678d ago

MS definitely has the more cash and a lot more is riding on this than Sony.

For MS this is the fight for the living room, the next frontier of computing (apart from mobile devices). PCs will continue to grow, but at a very slow pace if not replaced.

So I think MS will even 1up Sony, because of financial power. You combine a very profitable and successful business with a lot of financial backing, there is no question management will invest.

Sony on the other hand made numerous mistakes with the PS3, then proceeded to loose billions of dollars in almost every department where the only glimmer of hope is Playstation business. Where is the monetary support going to come from?

darthv722678d ago (Edited 2678d ago )

If MS chose to go a different route than sony then it could prove beneficial to them. Right now we are seeing a upswing in portable power and entertainment.

MS doesnt really have a dedicated portable platform and could very well take a convergance approach that only one other system had. Years ago Sega released a portable genesis in the form of the nomad. It not only was a portable but it doubled as a home console as well.

I would think sony the likely choice to expand on that but then again....they have the NGP coming out and they are supporting the xperia as well that they may not have the resources to make the ultimate all in one system portable/home system...not right away that is.

It could be that the next xbox will server two purposes. Plugged into a tv it is a home console with access to all of what xbl has to offer. Unplugged it is a portable system that plays the same games on the go. The only question mark would be xbl. Sony is doing the 3g thing and so could MS.

I have the psp go and can say that playing games on it is as fun as playing them on any other psp with one exception. I can plug it into a tv and play them with a sixaxis controller. No local multiplayer option but hey....its a step closer to a dual purpose system.

The reason why i think MS may take this route is because of their recent release of the WP7 OS and they can leverage that with support for PC gaming on the go as well. We just dont know what kind of hardware would be needed to really serve two purposes.

CPU/GPU specs are getting better while size and heat are getting smaller. We already can see that memory and storage are doing the same thing.

It is a very good possibility with an unknow probability of if and when however.

MAJ0R2678d ago

it is a very broad statement, people would have said the same thing about the PS3 during the PS2 era

we have to see what the strategies of the companies are... at this point it's only speculation

Anon19742678d ago

First off, who said Microsoft was going to be investing a tonne into the next Xbox. Back when Shane Kim was still with Microsoft, he openly commented that the next Xbox could very well be a low cost, digital distribution hub as opposed to how consoles have been approached in the past. We're at a point with consoles that we don't need our consoles to be more powerful - developers as it is struggle to make use of the current power they have simply due to the costs involved in pushing the hardware.

A new PS4 or Xbox really doesn't have to be much more powerful then the current gen consoles.

Then there's the PS2/Xbox scenario. If Microsoft launches their next Xbox too soon they run the risk of going head to head with a PS3 that will probably be $199 at that point. The PS2 was way underpowered compared to the original Xbox, but the PS2 was far more popular due to it's price point and slate of games. PS3 games are pretty damn impressive. Is the average console buyer really going to shell out for a new Xbox at twice the price for slightly prettier games when the PS3 has everything, including Blu-Ray, for $199?

Sure the early adopters and hardcore will jump onboard - but it all comes down to price point. Many developers have already commented that we don't need another gen of consoles anytime soon - and games like Uncharted and LA Noire just go to prove that the current gen of consoles aren't lacking from a visual perspective.

Hell, if visuals and power were all that mattered, the Wii wouldn't have sold at all. Microsoft and Sony both need to take note.

inveni02678d ago

Yeah, all Sony is saying is that they aren't going to launch a console at such a loss. The technology will probably be more like a traditional platform. As someone that's in love with his PS3, I hate the idea of seeing no risks in tech, but I also understand that Sony needs to make money.

death2smoochie2678d ago


"Who the is stupid enough to trust MS after such a poorly designed system in the 360? Revision after revision after revision after revision... RROD RROD RROD RROD..."

Did you say this about DRE design flaw with the PS2 and did you say this about the PS1 with it's over heating disk drives that warped the plastic design flaw and made games unplayable? And so many revisions of both console systems?
Or is this just MS you are talking about?
FYI: Sony had issues with both the PS1 and PS2 disk drives TWO generations in a row. If anything, I would feel uneasy about BOTH MS AND SONY releasing new hardware.
Unless of course in your opinion Sony NEVER makes shoddy hardware ;)

EVILDEAD3602678d ago (Edited 2678d ago )

The #1 fact that most people are understimating is the fact that my Xbox Live account and achievements is a HUGE factor for next gen.

I had my account since the original Xbox, but Micrsoft ratcheted up the stakes by 300% when they added achievements.

When 720 is released there is zero chance I would miss migrating all the work I put into gaming this gen. I guarantee there a millions just like me who feel the same way.

Nintendo will do well, but come next E3 when 720 (and possibly PS4) are both announced watch the balloon start to lose air from the Project Cafe balloon.

This is only a possiblity because if Nintendo blows the earth apart this E3 with some mind boggling announcement about Project Cafe's abilities then all bets are off.

But if Project is more of the same and PS4 is a more powerful PS3 and Kinect has another stellar holiday..then 720 could shoot straight to the top of the leaderboard (although PS4s Blu-Ray still is a factor)

Just my take


blackbeld2678d ago (Edited 2678d ago )

If Xbox Live will be free... then I will buy the Xbox. ;)

Bull5hifT2677d ago

Yeah i dont think they really need super powerful hardware the only games that hit the cieling were killzone3, Uncharted 3, and Crysis2...... .. Most third party developers still need time to get used to this gen, it be better to slightly upgrade it for them and let those other developer start makeing games for the PS5.... Like games like LA Noire take 7 years to develop.... Soo give these top developers time to push there limits on Super Computer then ask them what is needed in th PS5 to run this

zag2677d ago

I think Sony will probably do the best next gen.

With the hack attack happened and still going on currently, I think they will make the PS4 for no piracy above all else.

That alone will bring in devs big time, just before all this jail-broken stuff came out a few 360 only devs where going to drop the 360 in favour of the PS3.

R* seems to be wanting off the 360 bandwagon now, as LA noir seems to be the last big big game they have lined up for the 360.

Their next one is PS3 only.

The problem with going causal is you start to lose the hardcore devs because you start to have kids/parents as the main driver of sales and not the money holding teenagers and 20 to 50 year olds who can drop the cash on any game they like.

casual players don't shell out $50 for DLC and stuff, they'll want 90% of the game and pay a couple bucks for a few tidbits.

The mobile and facebook games prove this to be true.

I think Sony will offer a pretty wide range on their online store etc as they have a major slice of all the content formats, so it's not hard for them to hand out freebie music, video and game services, with the extras from 3rd parties chucked in.

MS doesn't have that as they simply don't provide any sort of content, just the platform.

I know a few people who can't stand the iphone yet still have one simply because it has itunes and the stuff it can offer is what forces them to keep the iphone.

zag2677d ago


LA Noir only took 7 years because Bondai Soft spent time making sure they over 90% of the map exactly the same as real life, it takes time to get all the details photos and stuff then you need to make everything.

It's a great game I've been playing it, it's far more exciting than GTA4 and it uses the same engine as GTA4, it's just used in a different way to GTA4 where each crime is a little slice of time instead of having that bloody mobile going off right in the middle of missions and people whinging every 5 mins about how they haven't seen you and need you to come around right now other wise it'll ruin some part of the story line, all the while the mission people are ringing you up to find out why you haven't done the mission yet.

LA Noir is 10 times more polished than GTA4, R* should have spent a bit more time on it or updated it to alter the way the mobile worked.

FACTUAL evidence2677d ago

If psn hasn't upgraded much from what it is now, then it won't happen sadly.

Bigpappy2677d ago

I agree with "guigsy", 100%. The casual market could easily push M$ ahead if Sony does not come with something to counter Kinect. Move is not it. Move is and option mostly for core gamers at this point.

The portable market has Zero effect on the consoles (Seperate and unequal).

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thesummerofgeorge2678d ago

@donniebaseball - Asif, is that you?

lelo2play2678d ago (Edited 2678d ago )

Nobody can say witch console will win the next generation... Take a look at the predictions from 2005... everybody said the Wii would finish last...

LOL ... predictions made in 2005
(Worldwide Through 2012)
Sony PS3 - 121.8 million (61%)
Xbox 360 - 58.8 million (30%)
Nintendo Wii - 18 million (9%)
Total - 198.6 million

vishant1012677d ago

only one they got close was xbox

BubbleSniper2677d ago

Funny thing is, by the time we get to 2010, that chart will look so screwed up. HAhaa!

over 200 million units total, for sure.

solar2678d ago

it all depends on how much a hardware dev wants to spend on tech and achieving a price point that is affordable.

CrimsonEngage2678d ago

That is ignorant. You can bitch all you want about the 360 having RROD but then i could turn the tables and say that who would buy a PS4 after Sony's little "hacker" incident. To top it off the 360 is MS second console. If memory servers me correctly (and it does) the PS2 had an even higher failure rate than the 360. yet people still buy PS3's.

IRetrouk2678d ago

wrong 360 has the highest failure rate of any console including handhelds, as for the article, everyone said sony wouldnt catch up, yet they have, and i also think that because they have already got the tech down with the cell they dont have to invest nearly as much money into a new console, all they will do is use a newer version of cell and beef everything up. i made the mistake of buying a 360 at launch and suffered 5 red rings(very sore) in less than 3 years, will wait next time, although after i got rid of the white launch console and bought an elite i never had a probs with it, so far.

SweatyFlorida2678d ago

@crimson sorry dude but the hacker thing was a 1 time thing (for now) and rrod was/is a constant reoccurring habit of the 360 for years, so no, people WILL buy a PS3/Ps4 regardless if they got hacked 1 time.

Peaceful_Jelly2678d ago (Edited 2678d ago )

"The Xbox 360 offers slightly better accessibility, since many consumers use their consoles to watch Netflix, Hulu, or play online games--it removes at least one of the hurdles of turning on my consoles, and it certainly explains why the Xbox Live platform ha's been slightly more successful."

So u can't use Netflix, Hulu nor play online games on the PS3? Man, these analysts have no idea what they are talking about... >_>

zag2677d ago

Depends on where he's coming from.

On the PS3, the Netflix and Hulu etc services are US only.

Vidzone and playTV are UK/Australia only.

Sony have different things for different areas.

Australia seems to be the test bed for music services, as we had 1080P music videos for free download before anywhere else.

The trade off though is getting the video store program released last week, which can't be downloaded as the store isn't open anyway so really it's still to be released here.

knowledge4lfe2677d ago

it's sad what has happened to journalism. i swear listening to some of them make me feel like albert einstein. and also you have to pay for xbox live to use these feautures. but on ps3 you don't. obviously you need an account but you don't have to pay extra just to use them.


Wow... After reading all the comments I have to say that you all have it wrong... The winner of the next generation will be the WII. They have out performed and outsmarted the entire field but this has top be their best decision...Project Cafe! As much as I dont like it the Wii is the only company that I would buy stock in... IT IS IN THE PERFECT POSITION.

The Xbox will still be a 60 million seller because it will never sell in japan and will struggle over seas because of the pay to play... The Ps4 will have problems selling in the US because of price and It wont appeal to hardcore gamers because the online wont have the good servers that xbox gets due to charging for it. the wii will be the cheapest and have good enough graphics to appeal to the hardcore gamers who will buy it early on because its the new toy and is cheap and has better graphics. I did not buy a Wii this gen because of its terrible graphics, but I know nobody makes fun games like netendo as I have played the games while in college. Nobody does family fun like netendo.

The wii will have better graphics than the Ps3 and Xbox by a healthy margin... And will have a unique controller. The Ps4 And Xbox 720 may have better graphics, and even more features, but the Wii has the most popular exclusives and pokemon... You Hardcore gamers dont understand the power of Pokemon and 12 yr old kids.the Pokemon brand has sold over 300 milion games. That puts call of duty to shame!But dont even get me started on Mario and Zelda... these games are untouchable in terms of sales because they appeal to a wide audience of casuals and Hardcore. The Online of the wii 2 will be terrible... But that did not stop the Wii from selling more than the PS3 AND XBOX 360. almost combined! All they have to do is have a better service than psn... which will be easy as hell to do. If they get a service like steam it could destroy the ps4 and xbox 720 completly... but thats unlikely. Its a no brainer... the race between the xbox 720 and ps4 is for second place!

kikizoo2677d ago (Edited 2677d ago )

Lol, are you kidding ? oh, wait, a blind xfan probably..

it's another ridiculous propaganda article from the ms whore working previously for gamedaily (ms station) and now this ridiculous "industry gamer"..put some greenberg's dream as article, is not worst....uggly viral marketing.

by the way, he's never afraid of lying with statement like the new dumb "hulu, netflix exclusive on xbox" a real winner (ms employee of the month) all the delusional gamingdroid and other xfan here, always living in the opposite world..(talking about "good position" for ms when sony is ging 10X more games, and quality, functionality, when sony has sold more ps3 and games than microsoft last years, with a higher price, when bluray is always rising, etc etc and bravia always selling misinformed us brainwashed guys)

Vherostar2677d ago

Nobody can afford to make massive hits in the future.

the_best_player2677d ago

M$ don't have first party so I don't really care for their next console cause I want games.

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BlmThug2678d ago

Cant Wait For NextXbox And PS4, Wii2 Is A Meh

fluffydelusions2678d ago

You never know. Wii2 may surprise everyone.

lochdoun2678d ago (Edited 2678d ago )

I hope Wii2 is amazing.
That console will set the pace for PS4 and Xbox3 because they will have to have similar specs to please the multiplat devs.

Misterhbk2678d ago (Edited 2678d ago )

Blah blah, gloom and doom.

Sony saying they will change their investment strategy simply means their going back to the same style they used for PS2. It was great tech at the time, but not tech that would hold up as long as the PS3s tech. Sony will be just fine, and considering they launched a 600 console, for them to be only a few million behind and starting a year late is incredible.

Give credit where credit is due, MS did great this Gen, but Sony did great as well. I'm guessing the PS4 will launch at 400 and will be able to hit that 200 mark within 3-4 years of being on the market. People fail to realize that the PS3 is STILL not at that 200 mass market sweet spot.

that being said, MS will win in the states next gen and sony will still win the rest of the world.

news4geeks2678d ago

I dunno, I can see sony holding their own in the states if they launch at the same price as the next xbox. Being the most expensive console is pretty much the only thing that has held back the ps3.

moparful992677d ago

@new4geeks Actually propoganda has alot to do with it.. Americans are elitisit in their mentality.. DOnt get me wrong I love this country and I love being an American but people in this country buy based on hype... WHy do you think microsoft dumps millions into advertising? By the time that sony realized just how effective advertising was here in this country it was a little to late.. They had already built up a pretty significant install base and those consumers had xbox live accounts and gamerscores and the thought of abandoning that for a ps3 is unthinkable to them.. So they continue to buy multiplats for the 360 despite the fact that they are just as good, sometimes worse, somtimes better on the ps3. There has been a large portion that have picked up ps3's for the amazing exclusives but unfortunately microsoft has essentially "BOUGHT" America...

2677d ago
moparful992676d ago

I barely remember any advertising for the ps2 let alone the ps1... SOny sold consoles because of the exclusives... They have always been a powerhouse of exclusives and that trend continued this gen.. But microsoft has been tossing money around like its confetti trying to topple sony and it hasn't been working but they have cut out a sizable chunk of the market for themselves...

dktxx22678d ago (Edited 2678d ago )

Honestly, I'd prefer a weaker console with Sony putting more emphasis on creativity and originality with their games. This Gen as a whole has been way over obsessed with graphics, and we've got some very bland games because of it. Let developers relax on the graphics a bit and spend time on making awesome stories and features.

And I don't mean weaker like weaker than the Ps3. I mean it doesn't need to be a technical behemoth for modern day standards.

Simco8762678d ago

Agree with this, games sell consoles... not the other way around

LeShin2678d ago (Edited 2678d ago )

Actually, I disagree with you when you state there hasn't been creative and original content this gen...well, at least in Sonys case:

Little Big Planet 1 & 2
Modnation Racers
The upcoming Last Guardian
Pixel Junk Eden
Noby Noby Boy

I think all the creativity and original content will mostly come from small developers putting their games on PSN or XBL. This opportunity didn't exist in the last generation of consoles.

dktxx22678d ago

Oh there have been quite a few creative games. I didn't mean to say all this Gen were bland. But notice your list is almost all "minigames" for a lack of a better word. I just wish that creativity would also apply to the big budget titles, the ones I'm shelling out $60 for.

duplissi2678d ago

it wont really matter anyway, we have nearly reached a plateau as far as graphics are concerned. i dont see microsoft or sony needing to invest nearly as much r&d into their next systems to achieve lifelike graphics.

and with sony they have the cell which is easily scalable so it would be stupid not to go with it again.

Shok2678d ago (Edited 2678d ago )

"Sony's chief financial officer commented today that the company won't be investing as heavily in its next console as it did with the prohibitively costly PlayStation 3."

Exactly. This isn't really related to the article, but what people gotta realize is that the gap between this gen and next won't be as big as the gap between last gen and this gen.

Anyways, I'm sure Sony will be smarter this time around. They've made some mistakes but they are a smart company overall. Sounds like they're going back to the PS1 and PS2 days. Weaker hardware, but more focus on software and this time around definitely the online.

ChickeyCantor2678d ago

A triple core Cell would suffice xD

duplissi2678d ago

well to be honest the gap between last gen and this gen was huge compared to previous gens.

Pillville2678d ago

The huge jump this gen is mainly due to HDTVs and online. Those were really game changers (all puns intended).