Microsoft Publishing "Build a Buddy" and Kinect App Store Speculation

Yet another unannounced title has been revealed thanks to Australia's Classification Database. This time, something called 'Build a Buddy'. It stands alongside Kinect titles recently revealed from the same source such as Kinect Me, Kinect Fun Lab and Kinect Googly Eyes.

Still unsure as to what these Microsoft-published titles might be, but they don't particularly sound like retail games. Could these be the first titles for a to-be-revealed Kinect app store, or just simply upcoming features, services and/or Xbox Live Arcade titles?

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awiseman2677d ago

This encourages third party development. Props to ms. But I still want to see some hardcore games...

EVILDEAD3602677d ago

It was an incredibly smart move to get the Kinect tools to the indie devs..but a Kinect App store would be HUGE.

The Kinect hacks showed the potential for what could end up being dozens and dozens of fun cheap apps and games for the device.

Add that to the fact that Micrsoft's seconnd batch of games will triple the count by the end of the year and you can count the ACTUAL Kinect owners will be satisfied.

The plot thickens


-Alpha2677d ago

All pretty cool for the casuals. But I really pray this isn't their E3

MasterCornholio2677d ago

I agree with Alpha. I really hope that this E3 Microsoft will announce many titles for the core.

Bigpappy2677d ago (Edited 2677d ago )

I see several interesting application of Kinect (Ghost; Forza; and may be a gears mode) that will be shown at E3. There will no doubt a bunch of casual apps for the add-on. But this does not mean that E3 is doomed between M$ and the core audience. M$ will not show more that 5 core EXCLUSIVES at E3 (I would be shocked if there are more).

What I think they will do is have strong support from 3rd party, and then try to add features or content to the best of those 3rd party offerings.

Kinect will have a presents in more and more 360 core games, depending on how well this first batch is received. These Kinect features should not affect non Kinect users, as they will be OPTIONAL.

AAACE52677d ago

MS opened up 3 studios this month as ...

MGS Vancouver
MGS Soho
MGS Family

I hope we get a variety of things from these 3, but it will probably be a while before they show anything!