Insomniac defends decision not to add trophy support to Resistance: Fall of Man

Insomniac Games defends their decision of not adding trophy support to Resistance: Fall of Man in the midst of several recent complaints from a few fans.

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scotchmouth2678d ago

Well that seems like a fair answer to me.

zootang2678d ago (Edited 2678d ago )

No defence, it's got no trophies! It can't be hard to put 2 men on it for a couple of months.


Thanks for caring.

soundslike2678d ago Show
scotchmouth2678d ago

Well originally when I went into this article that was my exact line of thought. Evidently it is more time consuming then we think.

Trying to see it from his perspective it is more cost effective to have every employee doing other things. That makes sense to me. I assume adding trophies to older titles would fall a bit on most developers "to do" lists.

outwar60102678d ago

not true i like to think people have my playstation page bookmarked and are constantly refreshing it to see what trophies i have

tablav2678d ago

@soundslike Cared enough to comment.

guitarded772678d ago (Edited 2678d ago )

Yeah, I like to think I started that riot on the PS Blog.

PS: Take your comments to the PS Blog and let James Stevenson know what you think.

tehpees32678d ago

I'd rather they work on resistance 3

aCasualGamer2678d ago

Resistance: Fall of man, is the best launch game of this gen. Really rich singleplayer mode with added splitscreen functionality. It had the greatest multiplayer mode and if it weren't for the lack of support in online servers i would still play it. Best sniper weapon. never needed trophies. It is, on it's own, the best launch game of this gen.

captain-obvious2678d ago

the game is freakin old
give it up already

Elimin82678d ago

I agree. Naughty Dog did it for U1 while working on U2. No one knew they were working on 2 then! Look how it "2" turned out?! Awesome!!!

SoapShoes2678d ago

@Elimin8 - Naughty Dog also wasn't working on multiple games. They had more time with U2 than Insomniac did, so...

I really don't see the point, it has skill points which are exactly like trophies.

BattleAxe2678d ago

Well if Bluepoint Games could add trophies to God of War 1 + 2 for The God of War Collection, then I don't see what the big deal is here. They just didn't want to spend the time I guess.

MintBerryCrunch2677d ago

its been what 5-6 years since the games release....let it go already

phinch2677d ago

There is already an in game achievement list in resistance one, can't be hard to just add the trophies to that

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No FanS Land2678d ago

Sony should have added 2nd party games when they announced they would retro add trophies.

Or since it's sone kind of republishing, the trophies should be mandatory, as they became so in jan. 2009.

nopunctuation2678d ago

I personally think that insomniac is being lazy with this. It is not as hard to patch for trophies as they make it seem. Sony said it only takes about 2 weeks. They cant spare two weeks to do this? No ps3 game is really good without trophies and it has cost us way too much from good games already. I used to play R1 all the time and it deserves better than this. After that mess that was R2 I dont have high hopes for any sequels.

just_sayin2678d ago (Edited 2678d ago )

Ps3 games are not really good without trophies what about R&C:TOF, HS, VC,MGS4 all great games without trophies

MidnytRain2678d ago

"No ps3 game is really good without trophies..."

I believe that just cost you all of your credibility, nopunctuation.

TBM2677d ago

Wow is not having trophies in this game world ending for some of you people with the way your complaining? Its not that serious get over it they are not going to put it in and that's final.

They are working on 3 new games and im perfectly happy with that. Not having trophies in RFOM is not world ending for me and it should be for you people either.

TheLastGuardian2677d ago

"If it was at all feasible, we would do it. It would significantly take from Resistance 3, therefore we will not do it."

If I remember correctly, Naughty Dog added trophy support to Uncharted: Drake's Fortune while Uncharted 2 was in developement and It obviously didn't hinder Uncharted 2's greatness.

I hope Sony can put some devs on the job and get Resistance Fall of Man a trophy patch. I'd play through R:FOM and R2 again if R1 got trophies before Resistance 3 comes out.

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Adva2678d ago

Why would they add trophies to a 4 year old game? Not logical. Same with MGS4.

BlackTar1872678d ago

well MGS4 is only 4yrs old now. It wasn't when trophies were first announced. I want MGS4 trophies i got my big boss emblem and i would like a sure way to show everyone i have it. EGO thing between me and my friends and co-workers

tablav2678d ago

This is a point I made recently. No disrespect to you at all, but that's all trophies ego trip. Back in the day, you would just tell people of your gaming exploits and that was enough.

As for MGS 4, I think running around with Stealth, Bandana & the Patriot are reward enough.

Jack-H2678d ago (Edited 2678d ago )

I disagree with the other guy that responded to you, I also mean no disrespect to him. I'm not a "trophy whore" by any means. But I appreciate well placed trophies that you get when you do something incredible(big boss emblem ect). I don't see it as an ego trip at all. It can be FUN to hunt down certain trophies.

mandf2678d ago (Edited 2678d ago )

I'm replying to the guy that said trophies are just ego. I like trophies because gamers can't lie and say they played a game or say they beat it. For some people who thought they were once good got exposed for the fraud of a gamer they always were. As long as someone just has fun with games trophies shouldn't matter. For those trying to get ahead of someone it's a challenge.

Games used to be all about score. Trophies are a score in a sense. If you don't care about trophies fine, but don't degrade those who put the time into games. If your score is lower than another it shows you are less dedicated to gaming. Doesn't make you less of a person. Don't think cause someone has a higher score than you they are a loser. They are the hardcore gamer that tries everything.

edit no disrespect to anyone

BlackTar1872678d ago

None taken... I have been gaming since card readers and the big boss emblem is something only i have out of my friends. I like the idea of having a trophy for it. Kind like how i like to have ribbons on my chest. Sure i can tell people what happen but nothing says it like pin on your chest.

I understand what your saying but the scene has changed with technology as much as i relish the past i like to live in the future.

thanks for the response game on

Kalowest2678d ago

I want R1 trophies, cry.

CynicalVision2678d ago

Playing the game is it's own reward. :)

Kalowest2678d ago (Edited 2678d ago )

"Playing the game is it's own reward. :)"
I beat the game with my cousin(Co-op), and OMG was it fun/Hilarious. R1 is an awesome game, and adding trophies would increase the re playability. .

multipayer2678d ago

They can't, because it is better than Resistance 2 & 3 combined and they wouldn't make any money this fall... What they can do is give us their new 30 frame offering that gets heavy inspiration from call of duty multiplayer if that cheers you up...

tablav2678d ago

Wow, disagrees for people who want a dev to get on with a new game. All they need to say is that it's not a new game, so there's nothing to make them put trophies in it.

I thought they would add trophies, but it certainly isn't the end of the world.

gamerz2678d ago (Edited 2678d ago )

Yep.. all games have a budget and since trophies didn't exist when FoM was created it wasn't in the budget, nor was the code even designed to support trophies so it's not so easy to simply tack them on afterwords. Then estimate the actual cost of adding trophies, say $45,000 - and offer to add them if someone will fund its development. Let the gamers who want trophies donate money for the cause and if they raise enough I'm sure they'd be happy to add them. They're in business to make money and profit is the bottom line.

coolasj2678d ago

It's also about time. Taking out time from Resistance 3 for trophies in RFOM means that a feature(s) might actually get "CUT" from R3. I don't know about you but I don't want to see an article on the PSBlog that says " Trophies for RFOM! But, a weapon was cut from the R3"

news4geeks2678d ago

Not that I care but I refuse to believe giving RFoM trophy support would force them to cut features from R3. They don't do it because there is no value in it for them to patch a game that is now 4 years when its sales are all but finished.