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Brutal Gamer's Zeth writes:

Several conflicting feelings sprang to mind as I hurtled around the courses in the opening hours of Dirt 3. On the one hand this game looked stunning and played like a dream. On theother hand, hadn’t I played this all before in Dirt 2?

Thankfully sinking more time in to Dirt 3 and exploring all it had to offer revealed a game that takes all that Dirt 2 had to offer and eclipses what was an already classic off-road racer.

As has become a trademark of the Dirt series the in menu screens and presentation have a very distinctive look and feel. Thankfully Codemasters have dropped the full on “Dude Sweat” approach of the last outing and moved to a more esoteric triangular design that fits very well. The menus are also a lot slicker to navigate than the slightly cumbersome ones found in Dirt 2.

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Saryk2609d ago (Edited 2609d ago )

Crap, my wallet is about to die. Ah screw food, water and the wife can go nude!

Seriously Dirt 2 is an awesome game. Racing against my son and friends is a blast!

If this is game is good and this review about it. I am going to have high blood pressure and less sleep!

RankFTW2609d ago

Believe me you will have very high blood pressure playing this game, some of the DC challenges are ultra tough but so addictive.