Top 10 Hardest Video Games of Two Different Gaming Eras

GameDynamo - "The other day I was getting owned by the computer in a video game and almost threw my Xbox 360 out the window. In a flash of clarity, I found myself wondering just how hard is the hardest video game, and which one it was. "

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mandf2678d ago

Ninja Gaiden and Metroid on NES weren't hard at all. Replace those with Spelunkner and Milon's Secret Castle.

Darkfocus2677d ago (Edited 2677d ago )

DOOM II wasn't really hard either
Demons souls isn't hard either you just have to play defensively and it's unforgiving of mistakes...

ATiElite2677d ago

Doom II and Contra are not hard. Those were two games I use to beat just to pass the time.

Gaiares on the Mega Drive and Legendary Axe on the PC Engine now those were hard.

Using The Tau Race in Dawn of War is hard (well for me it is)

fatleon52677d ago

Anyone remember a PS1 game called Sentinel Returns? I had a demo of it when I was a kid and could never figure out what I was meant to do. Played it the other day for old times sake and still have no clue. You build creepy looking towers is all I can work out.
Fade to Black was quite hard too. NGS and Demon Souls are really hard, but can be beaten eventually with practice and determination.

SaiyanFury2677d ago

I have to point out one glaring mistake with the article. Well not with the article itself, one with one of the pictures. That photo of Ninja Gaiden from 1988 or whatever is from the arcade game, not the NES/SNES games.

mobijoker2677d ago

Older games was tougher and every boss battle was something epic.Defeating a boss meant something.Now boss battles are just an afterthought.I kinda remember Lufia 2,maybe, where you have to reach a tower top which has something like 20 odd floors.If if fail once,you're back to ground floor.

Tex1172677d ago

Demon's Souls was the only game on there with difficulty not necessarily being a twitch-fest, but a game that required an immense amount of strategy to beat the game. Its not "hard" like the previous games on this is "hard" because it requires players to use not only reflexes but intelligence as well.

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