GamesRadar Salutes National Breast Cancer Month: Best Breasts Of Gaming

October is National Breast Cancer month and GamesRadar marks the occasion with a salute to the best breasts in gaming. About 150,000 cases of breast cancer are diagnosed in the US each year, but that number is falling with advances in technology and awareness.

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wil4hire4070d ago


But anything for awareness.

MK_Red4070d ago

Bad taste indeed but they do what they can to get noticed.

At least GamesRadar is not giving wrong scores to games to seek attention the way a certain site with Spot in it's name is doing.

Cat4070d ago

i don't think this does much for breast cancer awareness. i'm not even sure this does much for breasts. i mean, we're all pretty aware of them already, right?

MK_Red4070d ago (Edited 4070d ago )

Seriously, what is it with GamesRadar and sleazy material? They really love this stuff and it looks like they like it even more than games themselves.

Also, of all MK breats, why did they choose Sheeva's? Mileena or Li Mei are way hotter and sexier in boobie department:

Daxx4070d ago

Gamesradar needs to remove that article!

One of my art professors is right now fighting breast cancer and this is no matter to take lightly at all. She might have to go through Chemotherapy.

Bad taste indeed.

Cat4070d ago

i really don't like when people think it's supportive to bring it down to this level. and i'm all for not taking things too seriously, but cancer is just...too weighty for this sleeze.

Lightning Mr Bubbles4070d ago ShowReplies(6)
vgn244070d ago

Thanks for approving this filth that's a mockery of a serious issue. Use google if you need to see virtual boobs, but don't approve something that uses a serious issue to many as a way to show fake game breasts for traffic. Everyone who approved this is officially a scummy POS now.

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The story is too old to be commented.