The Game Effect | New BloodRayne Game Looks Suprisingly Awesome

For the uninitiated, the original BloodRayne franchise consisted of two games, and one terrible Uwe Boll film, that graced core consoles from the last generation. These games were incredibly violent third-person action titles, and while they were reasonably fun, they didn't necessarily resonate with gamers for very long.

Today though, we are graced with a new gameplay trailer courtesy of developer WayForward for the next blood-letting adventure in the series - BloodRayne: Betrayal. It looks to carry the same violence and action as its older brethren, but upon visual inspection Betrayal is a clear departure from those earlier titles, sporting some distinctly impressive visuals and a 2D platformer perspective akin to The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai.

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Godmars2902678d ago

Am I the only person who thinks, that even as a PSN/XBL title, this game looks "meh" at best? That its a half decent flash game?