Mega Man Legends fans get Slapcom’d

Extra Guy writes: The news that Mega Man Legends 3 Prototype Version has been delayed was probably something of a letdown for fans, but it’s the news that came after they should be really upset about. Apparently Capcom will be using the sales data from this game, whenever it actually does launch, to determine the fate of the full version. No Prototype Version sales, no full release.

Capcom has been inching toward this for a while now, but it appears the dawn of the paid demo is upon us. But the idea that the sales of a demo should be used as a barometer for whether or not a full title should be released is new. Its implications are potentially harmful for the future of smaller projects from larger companies, but is currently an outright slap to the face of Mega Man Legends fans everywhere.

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Godmars2902555d ago

Think of it more as paying for a preview of a game that may never be released. Especially if you complain abut it.

Things would likely make more sense if they had put this "demo" out first, then announced the game without any threat of canceling mid-development.

jc485732555d ago (Edited 2555d ago )

you can't blame Capcom and it makes sense from the business standpoint. My main problem is, do I feel like forking 250 dollars for a 3DS.

jc485732555d ago (Edited 2555d ago )

It's really hard to teach customers that there is more than just Call of Duty or World of Warcraft. Game companies also don't want to spend too much on promotions. There are also the fans that get unhappy, but you really can't blame the company for becoming the "greedy" as you see now. You out of people should know that Mega Man Legends didn't do sh*t in sales and why is that? 1/2 the people didn't care and the other 1/2 didn't even know it existed until 10 years later. If Capcom won't do the promotion, then "maybe" you can spread the words about this wondrous game you happen to bump into. I'm pretty sure that's how most games gain popularity just with a simple persuasion. How many fans out there seriously? Well, it's not enough. Heck, I remember telling somebody about Devil May Cry series and he was totally oblivious. Take advantage of youtube!

zedar82550d ago

Charging for a demo is messed up, no matter what. But saying "if you don't buy this game twice, you won't get it"? Come on. It looks like Capcom is trying to out-douche Activision.