Guitar Hero III To Outplay Rock Band This Holiday?

It's safe to say that Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock and Rock Band are the two upcoming titles at the forefront of the surging popularity for rhythm titles -- so which one will take top billing this holiday season?

Hoping to answer this question, GamerMetrics has monitored the popularity of both titles across IGN. GamerMetrics have found that up until E3 in July, Guitar Hero III had led among user awareness and purchase intent. However, in the last three months, Rock Band has begun to close the gap.

All of the areas GamerMetrics examined point to Guitar Hero III as the clear favorite. In particular, the Xbox 360 SKU is the most desirable, ranking 10th among all anticipated video games, capturing 1.43 percent of total mindshare -- though the Xbox 360 SKU of Rock Band is very close behind, ranked 11th and capturing 1.38 percent mindshare, a promising result for the 360, showing favoritism for the console among fans of leading music games. More after the jump.

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Foliage4069d ago

I agree. I'll stick with the proven Guitar Hero franchise, besides the track list is awesome for GH3.

Rock Band just seems like it is going to require a lost of downloadable content, and with the prices being charged lately for DLC, I'll stick to getting the game with the full package and one fee.

pwnsause4069d ago

obviously, not many people are going to buy $170 dollars worth of fake instruments at the same time, people want to be able to pick these instruments up later in a time frame, no guitar hero is different, its cheaper than rockband, and probably has a better song list than rock band, but I know that overtime rockband will win it out in the long run.

Mikey_Gee4069d ago (Edited 4069d ago )


As much as I want to buy the RB hardware, my only concern is as a a home owner and my TV in my living room where we also entertain, I am not going to leave the fake drums and Mic out. It is bad enough to tuck away the GH guitar behind the right teir of my wall unit. And I really so not want to tear down and drag the RB stuff every time I play. I can see it now ... invite guest over for diner with guests and say

" Come on into the living room and sit down ... here is our new living room set, we also just refinished the hardwood floors, and BTW, here is my plastic drums, guitar and Mic"

If I was younger and could just leave it set up in my bedroom with all the dirty cloths thrown on the floor ... differenct story.

Hmm .. what to do .. what to do ??

Skerj4069d ago

Going with Rockband on this one, they edged out GHIII with the tracklist for me. I won't just be confined to a guitar and the final nail in the coffin being that the original GH devs are doing it. Had it been the other way around with Harmonix doing GHIII and Treyarch doing Rockband I probably wouldn't get it.

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