The Escapist: PSN Security Episode

Now that the whole PSN mess is (mostly) wrapped up, we discuss the changing relationship between corporation and consumer, and the trust that relationship is going to require.

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Godmars2902678d ago

Wasn't Sony talking about free games as compensation along with the free month of PSN+?

Xof2677d ago

True. But contrary to what the article would have us believe, the PSN mess is far from "wrapped up." Japan, you know, that country where Sony is based, still has zero PSN functionality, and the rest of the world only has partial functionality--with absolutely NO IDEA when full functionality will resume.

The "free games" and free month of "PSN Plus" (Also known as Sony's painfully unsubtle marketing grab) won't enter the picture until PSN service is fully restored.

That could be next week. It could be next month. It could be next year. Sony hasn't said a single word.

baker_boi2677d ago

I Thought I just saw an article this morning that said it was or about to come back online?

Hold on a sec....Yeah http://www.dedicatedserverd...

Should be back up tomorrow.

Xof2677d ago

@baker_boi: That's just Asia region PSN, and STILL just the in-game PSN features. It does not include ANYTHING for Japan, or the store for any region.

HBK6192677d ago (Edited 2677d ago )

Of course they were, I know I never saw a point that JUST PS+ was offered and nothing else. Would love to be proven wrong. I don't know about the credit card replacement thing tbh, I thought it was more for identity theft reimbursement?

He seems to have the whole offering of PS+ arse backwards too..."a service that was initially advertised as free forever"? The online service (the service advertised) is STILL 100% free. This is a subscription based service to the PS Store that offers discounts and free titles to those that see value in the things offered from the PS Store or this service. It's never been about the PSN being free or not!

Not only that, but again the ignorance of 'instead of offering everyone store credit'. HOW CAN PEOPLE NOT REALISE HOW DETRIMENTAL THIS WOULD BE? Store credit has to come from somewhere and would be going somewhere too. It doesn't appear from nowhere and if you're paying it to 3rd party developers and publishers titles, then Sony HAS to pay them. On top of that there's numerous people will multiple accounts, so they get more free money than anyone else? Why?

This argument seriously needs to be cut dead, I wish someone with some brains and power could come out and state it so the entirety of the internet world knows...

Godmars2902677d ago

And there was no mention of the year of identity-theft protection Sony's offering. Of course its another form of promoting a service, still its a year of theft protection.

Just seems to be too many examples of people saying to excuse Sony for being hacked, yet punish them for not doing enough while ignore the things that they do.