Gamer's Corner: Uncharted 3, Will the Focus on Multiplayer Detract from the Singleplayer?

Gamer's Corner writes; "It's clear from past games that Naughty Dog never does anything half hearted, every aspect of the Uncharted series is polished to perfection, excluding possibly the screen tearing in Drake's Fortune :-) Nevertheless, time spent developing the multiplayer mode will surely knock a few hours off the singleplayer game, what would you prefer, a bit of both or a 20 hour single player epic? Tough question, should a game do one mode to perfection or two modes decently, isn't that why we buy different games, to meet different needs - must the modern game be all things to all men?"

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fluffydelusions2674d ago

ND know what they are doing.


Just an article looking for hits..We all know they have two separate departments working on the game like almost all game companys has..One works on single player and the other works on multiplayer so it will b balanced out.

I_find_it_funny2673d ago

ND stated that SP is top priorioty, why even argue and question that?

LOGICWINS2674d ago

Doubt ND will let that happen...but of course, everyone will have their opinions after they play the game. I've heard certain people say that Uncharted 1 had a better story and pacing than Uncharted 2. Even though I disagree, it doesn't mean that these people are "wrong".

PS3Almeida2673d ago

Uncharted DF was more like a Tech Demo, a great one though. But Story and Pacing of Unchartd 2 are way better. I'm pretty sure ND will deliever the best Uncharted Game with part 3.

Thatguy-3102673d ago (Edited 2673d ago )

I some what agree in some ways Uncharted 1 was better than uncharted 2.. I found the story of finding the el dorado more interesting..loved the story in Uncharted 1 more but loved the variety of characters that came out in uncharted 2, plus the action pieces presented to us like the train scene, falling building etc. Oh the other thing I liked more about Drakes fortune was the creatures ..I found them more scary and thought they fit the story perfectly.. Not like the big muscular purple men -_-..but getting into the topic, I doubt ND will Detract from the sp since that's the one thing they do best in any of they're games no matter far from what we've seen Uncharted 3 is set to be a better game sp and multiplayer..IDK just knowing that an old lady will be the main villain this time around makes me wonder the things she could do/or become to over power drake and the gang

Nes_Daze2674d ago

I can see how ND putting a bit more work into the multiplayer would worry some, but I got faith in them. :)

terrordactyl2674d ago

The article does say that it thinks the game will be a fantastic package. It's just wondering if Naughty Dog game by game is moving it's emphasis towards MP. Will UC3 singleplayer mode be any better than previous Uncharted singleplayer modes? Might it be at risk of treading water?

theonlylolking2674d ago

People said the same thing about uncharted 2 but it turned out that the co-op, multiplayer, and single player were great. So UC3 will have great co-op, multiplayer, and singleplayer.

2673d ago
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