NVidia’s “KAL-EL” Processor All Lined Up To Power Sony’s NGP

Joel Taveras, "Earlier this year Sony held it’s PlayStation meeting in Japan. The second one of it’s kind with the first one taking place almost 7 years prior. At the meeting the company unveiled their plans for both mobile (PlayStation Suite) and handheld (Next Generation Portable) markets. The NGP not only wowed onlookers with it’s gorgeous OLED display, but when the thing’s specs were announced, that’s where jaws really began to drop."

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NYC_Gamer2608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

sony will continue to keep their business relationship with nvidia

RankFTW2608d ago

Nvidia is number one in my eyes.

theonlylolking2608d ago

Ati makes better GPU's than Nvidia but there drivers suck but those get patched after a while.

gamingdroid2608d ago

Nvidia drivers are really good, while ATI drivers really suck!

ATI makes wonderful GPU's though....

Kurylo3d2608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

please.. ati is garbage compared to nvidia. Nvidia is always the one behind innovation.. not to mention that they have a physx chip built into their gpu.

Oh an for stuff like video editing.. the cuda language running on the nvidia gpu turns rendering for 2 hours into 5 minutes.

superadvanced2608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

lol this is not going to be in the ngp. its way too late for sony to make such a drastic change in the specs. this tegra 3 has its own gpu built in. its already been confirmed that the ngp will be using the powervr sgx543mp4+. theyre not going to swap out such a huge component of the system 6 months before launch. the author is just getting excited over the coincidence that both the ngp and kal-el have have a quad core cpu set up. not to mention all the games currently in development are programmed to run on the powervr chip.

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whateva2608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

the NGP GPU is a PowerVR SGX543MP4+

Edit: oh they are talking about the CPU? lol

gamingdroid2608d ago


Isn't that one of the factors that buried the Dreamcast?

a08andan2608d ago

"Kal-El looks a lot like NVIDIA's Tegra 2, just with more cores and some pin pointed redesigns. The architecture will first ship in a quad-core, 40nm version. These aren't NVIDIA designed CPU cores, but rather four ARM Cortex A9s running at some presently unannounced clock speed. I asked NVIDIA if both the tablet and smartphone versions of Kal-El will feature four cores. The plan is for that to be the case, at least initially. NVIDIA expects high end smartphones manufacturers to want to integrate four cores this year and going in to 2012."


silvacrest2608d ago

it could be the same issue that samsung had with the galaxy S2

the galaxy s2 uses the exynos dual core SoC but samsung are using tegra 2's in some galaxy S2's because they could not make enough

JoelT2608d ago

You couldn't be any more right!

taz80802608d ago

Why didnt they just go with Suuperman?! These codenames are getting sillier by the day.

JoelT2608d ago

Copyright infringement, side note, Nvidia code name for their 2014 chip is Stark, as in Tony Stark, and is slated to be 100x more powerful than Kal El. Can you say PS4?

silvacrest2608d ago

but the tegra chips are supposed to be for mobile devices so i doubt the PS4 or any console would use them

STK0262608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

I guess they chose Kal-El, as they have chosen to go with their "real" names as opposed to their super hero names (Kal-El, Wayne, Logan and Stark, as opposed to Superman, Batman, Wolverine and Iron Man).

And, well, a codename is a codename, they probably simply thought it'd be cool to go with super heros and that it would make their chips look powerful or something.

@JoelT, I doubt nVidia will be putting Stark in the PS4, the Tegra line-up is meant for low-power portable devices like smartphones, tablets and handheld gaming device. You would most likely get more powerful hardware at a much lower cost by using a traditional GPU and CPU.

Surfaced2608d ago

This isn't news. This is a rumor.

Danl2608d ago

So in your opinion, should everything that isn't 100% confirmed go unpublished?

Surfaced2608d ago

No. But on N4G, it needs to be categorized as a Rumor. Not news.

dragonelite2608d ago

How about some Kepler info.

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