LEGO Video Games We Want from Popular Franchises Pt 2

GPT: "Yesterday, we discussed the first half of our feature on franchises and licenses we want to see get the LEGO treatment. We covered the usuals like the long talked about LEGO Halo, and others. Today we're covering some interesting movie and game licenses that you might not have considered before. Today we're covering entries 6 through 10 accompanied with some honorable mentions of course."

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VG_Releaser2672d ago

Back to the Future would be perfect. Lord of the Rings is my second choice! How is that only a honorable mention?

BeaRye2672d ago

I like the Back to the Future idea, but there are already TOO many LOTR games. Surely more to come with the Hobbit movie.

Raichu502672d ago

Still no LEGO left 4 Dead

ShyGuy132672d ago

No Street Fighter eh? =P

MrDead2672d ago

Lego Saw, hopefully it'll be better then the movies

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The story is too old to be commented.