OMGN: Conduit 2 Review

For the record, I liked the original Conduit. Despite the flaws, I found it to be a great-looking and great-playing game. Add that to the fact that the Wii featured few quality FPSs to be found, The Conduit was a semi-flawed diamond in the rough. Conduit 2 is not a diamond...

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Venox20082555d ago (Edited 2555d ago )

you shoul have a break, have a coffee or a tea... :) all I see from your comments you trolling trolling trolling.. btw: it's a good game :) and what's so bad about this game for you? :)

pcz2554d ago (Edited 2554d ago )

lol say a negative comment and that makes you a troll. no

merely stating my opinion.. actually, no, the facts! this game has been critically spanked!

just saving people from wasting money on this rubbish, you should give me more bubbles for my good work :)

whats so bad about the game? where to start?? its just awful. look at it!!

PygmelionHunter2554d ago

Writing "a negative comment" in 80% of all the articles related to Nintendo DOES make you a troll tho...