Sony comments about PS Store’s return

GM: Gamers have been itching to know when the PS Store will be making a return and they can again purchase their favorite games and redeem online codes.

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UnbiasedGamer2677d ago (Edited 2677d ago )

Oh F*** You!! How long is it taking?! With several Maintainence periods, it is ridiculous and it is very tiresom.

darthv722677d ago

we get there when we get there to:it opens when it opens.

It isnt that hard to be patient. Especially when there are so many great games to be played in the mean time.

I think there are some greedy gamers out there that are itchy for the freebies instead of the fact that services are being restored.

dragon822677d ago

Actually, I just want to download all the DLC I have sitting here. All of which I paid for when I bought the games.

Has nothing to do with "Wanting Freebies".

unknownhero11232677d ago

same here dragon, I have L.A. Noire content to download.

darthv722677d ago too.

I got uncharted 2 game of the year and I want to get the dlc that i have codes for.

gta28002677d ago

I just want to capitalize on the free PSN+ and go on a shopping spree and buy a bunch of discounted games :)

jjohan352677d ago

I just want to be able to play online. Without the PSN store, it's impossible to use the online pass voucher included in each new game.

Ser2677d ago


I'm itching to purchase content, greed's got nothin' to do with it. :)

Lifendz2677d ago

Guys, the store being down hurts Sony more than anything. No one wants to get it up faster than they do. In fact, I think we should be somewhat grateful that they made getting multiplayer up a bigger priority than getting the store up.

bozebo2677d ago

Lifends, multiplayer is far simpler than the store. Most of the complexity of multiplayer is handled by "The Interet (tm)" and the the developer for your game, nothing to do with sony (hence why ms shouldn't be legally allowed to charge for it on xbox...). Literally once they fixed the accounts/login servers it would have fixed multiplayer too as a side effect.

The store is probably taking a while because they are waiting for 3rd party security reports, ie: their security consultancy has to audit every single tiny thing about it (fuzz every input, check every port, check every line of source code, check all system software on the servers etc). It usually takes months.

king dong2677d ago

I want to see what 3D stuff they have on there. downloading one of the crappy freebies they offered is secondary.

i seriously cant believe how this has taken them

Vaud-Villian2677d ago

Grah, I hate news that is no news.

Parasyte2677d ago (Edited 2677d ago )

Actually, the PSN Store being down hurts the Devs just as much as it hurts Sony because they aren't making any money from their games and DLC that are available on the Store.

Legion2676d ago


Obviously you have no idea about how MS system works. Other then a few developers(i.e. EA), xbox online system is closed and stricttly ran through their private servers.

Sony on the other hand relies primarily on each developer to host their own servers. A developer goes out of business and you could be looking at loosing servers for their specific game.

Lifendz2676d ago

As usual, you can't say anything on here w/o someone making a semantical argument to contradict your statement. When I said the store being down hurts Sony more than anyone I was including loss wages and loss of reputation with it's partners and devs. If you're Pixel Junk and you're losing out of income for three weeks or so maybe you figure it'd be best to go multiplat to avoid those sorts of losses in the future.

And unless you have direct knowledge of the situation, I don't know how you can say it was easier to get multiplayer up. even if it was "easier," that doesn't mean it doesn't take time and resources. heck, it's probably relatively "easy" to patch an old game for trophies (e.g. Resistance 1, COD 4) but that doesn't mean a company has the resources to do that.

Whatever the case, I'm just glad I can game online again.

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CaptainMarvelQ82677d ago (Edited 2677d ago )

YEAH,F*** you Pshyco!

cervantes992677d ago

I have been very patient with Sony over this whole ordeal, BUT this is a bit embarrassing at the length of time the store has been down.

E3 is in 1 1/2 weeks - get the store up!!!

leonlion2677d ago

Then you should ask anonymous to stop hacking Sony

hazardman2677d ago

Maybe thats what Sony is waiting for. They'll probably announce some type of new PSN..interface or something. This sucks, got a PS3 wed. and I can't download crap! Also Im a PSN Plus user and I cant even use that! WTF Sony!

suicidalblues2677d ago

@ hazardman

Help me understand this. You say you got a PS3 Wednesday (making it sound like your first one) and can't download anything, but you're a plus user too? How did you sign up for plus with the store being down?

Just curious, not trying to say that your story sounds bullshitty (but it does).

stevenhiggster2677d ago

We have all been very patient but really it is not us who are worst affected by this. I really feel for the developers and publishers who flog their wares through the store, they have potentially lost millions of dollars of revenue.
So if anyone should be complaining its them.

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showtimefolks2677d ago

and i know its a free service how about just letting us know one date when it will be back.

I don't mind waiting since we all waited long already but some kind of confirmation would be nice

here is hoping it will be back over the weekend i have a gut feeling it will be back today i don't know why

damnyouretall2677d ago (Edited 2677d ago )


lil Titan2677d ago

would like to play the bonus content from LA Noire about now

NewZealander2677d ago

this is pathetic, crap security shoddy updates and still no store? im over this!

sony get it together!

dragunrising2677d ago

The store will be back up soon enough. I'm anxious to redeem my dlc codes and take advantage of discounts :-) My first downloads: Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes (discounted), LA Noire DLC, Little Big Planet and Infamous.

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LOGICWINS2677d ago

This is getting ridiculous.

fluffydelusions2677d ago (Edited 2677d ago )

It sucks but it's best that it's fixed right than to have more problems later down the line.

LOGICWINS2677d ago

^^Do u HONESTLY believe that they will accomplish anything significant by delaying the release of the Store till Tuesday?

You think that they'll coincidently be 100% finished with securing PSN once Tuesday hits?

They've had a MONTH to fix this. What will 3 more days do?

midgard2272677d ago

man people complain so much, you guys are like children, acting like if your paying for the store, sure it would be nice for it to be back but the most important thing is back up and thats the ability to play online, so stop complaining, it doesn't really affect your gaming

fluffydelusions2677d ago (Edited 2677d ago )

Nothing will ever be 100% secure. Security is an ongoing process. You'd be surprised what can be accomplished in 3 days with a team of experts working around the clock as I'm sure they are doing. You also have to consider they have to test it to make sure everything works as intended etc. Plus, I'm sure they have to code up that welcome back package for the various territories.

LOGICWINS2677d ago (Edited 2677d ago )

"so stop complaining, it doesn't really affect your gaming"

Doesn't affect my gaming? about people who WANT to buy stuff from the Store to PLAY?

If there taking THIS long, I'm expecting new features. Btw, PSN IS something I paid for...when I bought the console. The incentive of a "free online service' was one of the reasons I bought a PS3 in the first place.

"Nothing will ever be 100% secure"

I meant 100% finished with whatever their doing to further secure PSN.

MaxXAttaxX2677d ago

If it's not ready yet, then IT'S NOT READY.

Biggest2677d ago

The free online service is up and running, fool! Quit yer bitchin!

DragonKnight2677d ago (Edited 2677d ago )

@LOGICWINS: You didn't pay for PSN at all. Show me where the cost is itemized? PSN is a FREE OPTIONAL service. By claiming you paid for PSN, do you forget those who don't have internet? This "I paid for PSN" argument has never held up because you didn't pay for it at all. So stop your whining and get back to your supposed games. The only people affected by PSN store being down are people who want to redeem codes, no one else.

X-DominusRebellis-X2677d ago

LOL @ Dragon,

Thank you for summing up that the ONLY people who want the store up are those who want to d/l DLC /s. That comment was very generalized and short sighted.

People have paid for PSN. It is offered as part of the PS3 experience. Sony didn't advertise an "optional" online network or pay-as-you-go, they advertised it as part of the PS3 experience that you will get when you buy a PS3 so yes, people have paid for an online service. Just because Sony does not charge for it (PSN) on a continual basis, does not mean that people haven't paid to use it initially i.e. you can't take advantage of the "free" PSN unless you buy a ps3, so you are paying/have paid to use it.

Either way, who cares. I just want the store up to buy Silent Hill so I can reminisce on the old times and maybe a few DLC's here and there!

OMGitzThatGuy2677d ago

@Plbelanger secure. "You'd be surprised what can be accomplished in 3 days with a team of experts working around the clock as I'm sure they are doing."

They have had a month so I highly doubt they can do anything of significance in 3 days.

DragonKnight2677d ago

@X-DominusRebellis-X: Your comment once again fails to touch on those who do not have internet. It also assumes that you are somehow made to use PSN. The option to utilize PSN or not is there. You either sign in or you don't. You didn't pay for PSN at all. And if you think you did, tell me how much it cost? Where is the itemized receipt? What did offline gamers pay for? Why do they not get a discount?


Redgehammer2677d ago (Edited 2677d ago )

So what works for you is supposed to be an all encompassing answer for everyone? It is obvious why you have one bubble, and IMO likely to stay that way. There are millions of gamers that enjoy all aspects of their PS3 experience; therefore, who are you to tell people they are children because they take issue withe their gaming experience being interfered with? I recommend that you try a little more empathy, and understanding and I believe, you might start taking the steps to being a mature adult.

Ahem.. sorry for the rant, but close-mindedness, always gets my ire up. I understand having a strong opinion, but to not factor in anothers opinion is more an illustration of childishness, than being mad because your gaming experience has been tampered with.

X-DominusRebellis-X2677d ago

@ dragon

I dont see why you care so much! Do you even have a PS3 or are you just an angry fanboy? Of course people have paid to use the PSN, like I already said (can you go back and read)? IF the PSN was free then why can't people without a PS3 utilize it? Since PSN in your opinion is free, then why can't PC gamers utilize it, why can people with Wii connect to the PSN? It is simple, in order to access the PSN you have to pay for a PS3, you PAY for a PS3 and the PSN is part of what you PAY for. Whether you use it or not, who gives a shit, you're paying to access/use it. Otherwise if it really was free, anyone with a computer/xbox/wii/iphone/black berry/internet connection should be able to utilize it, but they can't!

In all, who cares! Who really cares? You don't think people pay for PSN, I and others think you do pay to use the PSN. Big deal.

extermin8or2677d ago

@X_domenicus well actually they can use it can't they? you can sign up/in on their websites without having to own a ps3, you can also use it on the psp a feature added after its launched, hell I can log in on my phone now they've got this new app. It is a free service they do not have to offer YOU DID NOT PAY FOR IT!

DragonKnight2677d ago (Edited 2677d ago )

@X-DominusRebellis-X: For someone who doesn't care, you sure get angry easily.

PSN ID: NorthernDragon. Add me up and see that I have a PS3 and stop your whining.

Like the post above me says, you don't need a PS3 to use PSN. And how come you haven't answered the question about people who don't have internet? Why can't they get a rebate from Sony if, as you so wrongfully claim, they paid for PSN? They can't use it at all, and if they have a supposedly paid for service they can't use, they have the right to get their money back. So why don't you look up instances where that's happened hmm?

Exactly. And next time, I suggest that if you "don't care" about something, you don't bring it up and then start whining when someone proves you wrong.

Legion2676d ago


I am not sure you get the understanding of what you get when you pay for something. Some people purchase the PS3 for different reasons. Did you pay for the privledge of watching Bluray movies? Did you pay to be able to play certain titles? The experience that so many people talk of is what they paid for. Nobody paid for the PS3 because of the power cord... yet it came with one. Should those that don't use the Bluray player get a refund? Should those that only ever use one controler get a refund for not using any of the other controler ports? For those that don't play games but instead use the system for bluray or as a computer (see the military) get a refund? Your theory that you don't pay for something because others don't get a refund for not using it is in err.

If Sony said that they would no longer allow 3rd party companies to develope games for their system then you would just have to stand for it and not gripe? You didn't PAY for 3rd party developers to make new games for you to play. If Sony decided to put a patch down that would not allow non-Sony Blurays to play on your system... would that be an issue? You didn't PAY to watch non-Sony bluray movies. Saying that you didn't pay for something that is included in the product for free, yet is part of what you expected of the advertised system... basically what do YOU think you paid for?

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psb2677d ago

I was hoping that it'll be back after the maintainance but looks like it won't. But then, WHY ARE THEY HAVING SO MANY MAINTAINANCES?

Hope it's back soon, it's getting unbearable for me to look at my copy of dirt 3 and back at my PS3.

lazertroy2677d ago

Will their be any changes once it returns?

Les-Grossman2677d ago

Im hoping for bigger wallet size for that DC Universe Online Lifetime Subscription