Hear That Knocking Sound? It’s PC Gaming

Do you know what the opportunities are in PC gaming? They’re probably better than you think. The PC gaming market is much bigger than consoles, both in installed base and in money made.

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fluffydelusions2675d ago

MMO's are where the money is on PC. Blizzard pulls in more money a month than a large majority of games can only to get in lifetime sales.

RankFTW2675d ago (Edited 2675d ago )

World of Warcraft is where the money is, not MMO's. Other MMO's would love to do 1% as well as Blizzard have done.

If a game is good then it will sell well no matter what the genre, look at Civ 5, The Witcher 2 and Minecraft.

OhMyGandhi2675d ago

no. but I hear a clicking sound. I think my hard drive is failing.

sloth33952675d ago

only problem with PC gaming is having to upgrade yourr computer to play a new game

wwm0nkey2675d ago (Edited 2675d ago )

not really, I was rocking my 8800 GTX for quite awhile before I upgraded and will probably be using my GTX 470 for awhile as well as it will be able to run BF3 nicely.

If you think you have to upgrade with every new major release...well that is just not a bright thing to do.

EDIT: Only thing I need to swap out of my PC is my MB and CPU as the Q6600 is pretty dated lol

Nadasico2675d ago

The 8800 GTX came out at one of the best times ever. It was good bang for the buck and happened to hit the sweetest spot I have ever seen a graphics card hit. A phenomenon if you will, I have yet to see another card hit that spot yet. Which is why if you look at various cards now on newegg. You will see plenty of people having to upgrade from the nvidia 200 and amd 4000 series higher cards. Even though most of those cards barely just turned 2 years old.

Even now some of the current cards costing in the range of 240 to 299. Still can not run everything currently out 60fps 1080p. Some of the ones at the top of that range still drop to their 40's in fps.

zootang2675d ago

Not the only problem. What about games like Red Dead Redemption and LA Noire???

Shok2675d ago

Not as frequently as people think though. Any smart person will only have to upgrade their PC once. Starting from 06, you'll have to upgrade probably in 09, for instance, and then you're good to go for the rest of the gen.

Nadasico2675d ago

That depends on where the industry is at the time you build your PC. If it is in a transition like it was when I bought a GTX275 end of July a little under 2 years ago then you would be upgrading. The card was already struggling to run quite a few games at 1280x768 never mind 1080.

CernaML2675d ago

lol no. My GTX 260 Core 216 is still holding up very well even with all the newest, most technically demanding games out there.

And all my other parts are complete ass that are most likely holding back my GPU!

ct032675d ago

Same here. The 260 runs all games really well, despite the rest of my system being old as heck (a little over 5 years to be precise).

BeastlyRig2675d ago (Edited 2675d ago )

you mean every 3 - 5 years?

Beside Crysis 1, Metro 2033 & BF3 there would be no reason to upgrade.

Hardly anyone will upgrade for MW3 I'm sure.

& I am sure you think it costs $15,000 to play cod.

How much sense does it make to upgrade to play a game that is on an non upgradeable device?

fluffydelusions2675d ago

Not really. Just compare a low to mid range PC with specs found in either the 360/PS3

theonlylolking2675d ago

Upgrading is optional. The chance that you would need to upgrade every year to play most games is very slim. If you make a great PC you will not need to upgrade for a while unless you like using the newest parts.

I think these gaming publishers should be paying more attention to PC gaming. Tech is gets better way to fast to keep a gen of consoles around any longer then 5 years MAX.

We have seen this gen that PC's destroy consoles because of such a long gap of tech. People that I know are now moving to PC gaming because of this. Granted, consoles help the tech by giving devs time to optimize and learn how to use the tech that we have better but there is always a limit.

Sony, M$, and nintendo should be taking note also. After next gen they might want to start going with PC gaming instead of console or just focus on both.

Sony could have games like uncharted, killzone, granturismo, etc... on the PC and playstation. They would make far more money and same goes with M$ and nintendo.

Eventually sony, M$ and nintendo might just become game publishers like EA and activision to make more money.

Nadasico2675d ago

Exclusives drive the console not only in sales but showcase what the system can do. As well as securing great games that people will want to buy that are only on that system. The reason I have a PC/PS3 setup is because there are tons of games I love to play on PS3. An the games on 360 I cared to play I can play on PC. On top of that I still can play games like DOWII and Witcher 2.

There is an experience I have with my PS3 that I do not have on my PC. An there is an experience I have on my PC that I don't on my PS3. They both play important rolls and should stay that way. Sony should never give up one of the biggest keys to their Playstation brands success the GAMES.

JsonHenry2675d ago

Yeah, I built my HD5870, 8gig DDR3 RAM, and Phenom x4 @ 3.6ghz for almost 2 years now and can play anything maxed. You DON'T have to upgrade nearly as often as console fanboys would have you believe. Even a medium-PC rig would outdo what the consoles are capable of.

Enate2675d ago (Edited 2675d ago )

How much did you spend on it at the time though? An be truthful because I built my rig 2 years ago come next month. So I know how expensive the parts you listed already were at the time. That is of course if you built it from scratch like I did. No need to include the monitor as I'm just talking about the PC itself.

JsonHenry2675d ago

My invoice came to $790.93. I already owned a case but still had to upgrade my power supply for the new CPU and GPU requirements.

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news4geeks2675d ago (Edited 2675d ago )

PC gaming is the best. PC gamers are the worst. Full of big heads. Games like WoW and L4D2 have the worst communities in gaming. I do most of my gaming on a laptop, cue the derogatory. I'd give those geeks a good kicking in real life as well.

Saryk2675d ago

Horse shit!

The platform is opinion. I prefer PC gaming only, I love Popeye's chicken too, screw KFC.

The community changes moment by moment, there are some dicks here, some are PC gamers, some are consolers.

There are assholes everywhere there are people. I drive with a large group of them everyday going to work.

kramun2675d ago

Watch out, that news4geeks is a hardman. He's the toughest guy in his own bedroom.

STONEY42675d ago

I have no idea what you are talking about. If anything, most of the PC community is great, and not a bunch of 10 year old kids who are yelling "u faggut hurhur ur mom" every time they die.

Play something like Counterstrike, and I guarentee somewhere in there you'll find a server you'll get attatched to and regular it due to the people. 99% of servers in Counterstrike (and most PC games) have a kind of community you really can never really replicate in consoles, a lot having to do with console matchmaking, the people, and lack of an easy way to text chat. And most of the games are like that.

_LarZen_2675d ago

I cant stand PC gamers...big headed hardware morons the bunch of em. That said gaming is ofc best on a PC...I just chose not to...

wwm0nkey2675d ago

there are some dbags out there but you get that everywhere.

news4geeks2675d ago

The difference is though that the douchebags on consoles are usually just immature teenagers. The douchebags on PC are normally in their 20s/30s and think they are awesome because they have the best PC in eastern europe. I had some nerd in his 30s bawling at me in L4D2 for no good reason. I would have battered him if he talked to me like that in person.

_LarZen_2675d ago

Yes ofc, not all PC gamers are like that ofc. But the degree of stupidity on the PC community is just so horrible.

And as news4geeks says, many if not most PC gamers are people in their 20s/30s...and that is just scary.

I'll take a stupid child over a stupid adult anyday...

Saryk2675d ago

Ok guys I got to say this. You guys are bashing PC gamers and stereotyping them. While on a PC typing in a PC article.

ct032675d ago

Saryk, they all type on their PS3 controllers. Or their iPhones.

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Nadasico2675d ago

@Saryk you know my car gets 35mpg, stops on a dime and has great AC. Though in a car show competition non of that sh*t matters to the judges. Same with this discussion it doesn't matter that you can use office 2010 on your PC. We are talking about gaming on one and that is it.

Saryk2675d ago

This discussion is PC gamers being assholes. The topic of the article is PC gaming.

And at what point before this, did I jerk your chain.......

kramun2675d ago

'That said gaming is ofc best on a PC'

Well, we can agree on that at least.

(Although I do like console gaming as well)

Nac2675d ago

Not for me. I would rather have a 55" LED and a joystick. Just can't rock a mouse and keyboard. Not my thing, sorry.

wwm0nkey2675d ago

You are aware you can hook a PC up to a TV and use a controller right?

Nac2675d ago

Not for everything.

wwm0nkey2675d ago

no, for everything, joypadder exists for a reason.

Nac2675d ago

Maybe its just me, but I don't feel that I should update for a single game. People talk about not needing to update, but if you really want the best your going to have to. There is an "elite" PC range. I don't like the concpet that "to look the best I have to spend the most." I love consoles because my PS3 and 360 look like everyone elses PS3 and 360.

anonym2675d ago (Edited 2675d ago )


Of course you upgrade for games. Every new console generation is a hardware upgrade that allows you to play new games. I'm sure you didn't play Uncharted on your PS2.

Nac2675d ago (Edited 2675d ago )

Don't play stupid, you know what I mean. A new console generation isn't simply an "upgrade," to old tech. My point is, I spend $400-ish bucks once 5-6(maybe longer given how long the cycles become) years and everyone is on the same level. I would rather drop $400 once than have to upgrade every 2-3 years for the best product. There is a reason the best for a console comes at the end, the developers squeeze everything out of it as opposed to simply moving along. I have to respect that.

Pardon me, I must be the ultimate asshole for having a preference.

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