New game company, Czyonoft, seeks RPG ideas.


Czyonoft Studios to Provide Video Game Development and Publishing to Video Game Players.

In most RPGs these days, you have free reign to explore an entire world. But what if you also had a hand in creating that world?

Enter Czyonoft. Based in Canada, Czyonoft is a team of professionals in the fields of programming, art, and music. "Yinasia: In Search of Freedom" will be Czyonoft's first outing. It will be the beginning of a trilogy, followed by "Shattered Hearts" and "Apocalypse."

Like Mozilla's Firefox, Czyonoft is inviting user-supplied content. Yinasia will be successful because it's a game you want to play, because you helped make it. We want your input. From the smallest suggestion to the most detailed creation. We even want people who are creating games on their own to throw some code at us.

Come to and describe to us the game you'd like to play.

What do you like in level design? What monsters are the...

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