Modern Warfare 3 – courting controversy

Modern Warfare 3 has finally been unveiled with an impressive video. But is the series starting to purposely court controversy in order to gain media attention? Michael Johnson thinks so in this article looking at the relationship between the game and the conservative press.

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Jockie2609d ago

Having the game splashed in the tabloids 4 months before release can't do it any harm!

artdafoo2609d ago

So not only is MW3 using the same basic engine from MW2 but it's gonna use controversy to sell copies ? Sounds familiar, talk about rehashing, Fuck.

andron6662608d ago

Well the so called controversies aren't all that though. I mean movies have done many of these things without getting any attention. News only pick on games now because they are the new go to fall guy.

R* has done the same with good effect before. Both news outlet and game maker benefits from it. In effect it really is just much to to about nothing...