10.0 Reviews Thomas Tech Repair: PlayStation 3 YLOD Repair

TerminalGamer writes: The dreaded YLOD has struck our launch console. Can anyone bring it back from the dead? Check out our review of this tech repair business to find out.

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Dart892608d ago

Hmm mite have to send my 60GB in.

darthv722608d ago

I'm gonna have to bookmark them if that day ever happens.

tdogchristy902608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

Great read/information. Do you know if you can ship your systems to them, or is it walk in only? This was great article, I'll have to keep them in mind if any of my systems fail.

ftwrthtx2608d ago

You'll have to email them directly. I'm not sure about shipping.

GamersXTREME2608d ago

I just spoke to them directly through Skype and they said it's no problem for us to ship them consoles. You do have to pay for shipping but their price for repairing is roughly $65, which is very reasonable.

ftwrthtx2608d ago

They are also very thorough with their cleaning and they take the time to repair the console.


Still have my launch console and it's running great...the YLOD worries me but not too much.

ftwrthtx2608d ago

I'm pretty sure there are more launch PS3's without any problems than there are with YLOD.

TerminalGamer2608d ago

The YLOD problem wasn't something we were expecting, but it didn't exactly surprise is either.

ThanatosDMC2608d ago

Make sure you clean out the dust since they'll keep in the heat.

ftwrthtx2608d ago

Anyone who thinks this is lame, has probably never had to deal with a PS3 system failure.

TerminalGamer2608d ago


After using a launch PS3 daily for almost 5 years, having it fail rather abruptly was a little disheartening to say the least.

IRetrouk2608d ago

it was good you got five years out of it to be fair, wish one of the 5 xboxes i went through lasted as long, only the elite has lasted me more than a year.

TerminalGamer2608d ago

Very true. 5 years for any electronic device is pretty good. With the repair, we are hoping to get at least another 5 years, or at least until the next generation of the console is released.

duplissi2608d ago

same here, thankfully though i had another one that i bought to fix its blu ray drive so until i get the chance to reflow the 60 i just swapped the drives out. that way i still have something to play and watch netflix on for a few weeks

nearly 5 years of heavy use wasnt too bad i guess... still it should last longer when you consider it cost 600 bucks...

Series_IIa2608d ago

I've not got YLOD but both my Bluetooth and wifi receiver in the 60gb PS3 has stopped working I've tried 2 of my controllers and a friends and still will not connect and the wifi light on the PS3 doesn't come on or find any wireless signals.

It's really annoying, tried to ring Sony Tech Support but they just give the same generic, make sure your controllers are fully charged and let my console cool down... Great help.

xtreampro_REVENGE!2608d ago

Just buy a new 60GB WiFi and Bluetooth module from Ebay, or check out

Series_IIa2608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

Good advice, just bought one off eBay for £5.


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