The Witcher 2 developer promises "incredible" news for June 2

TVGB: "CD Project, the developer of recent PC RPG hit The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings and the operation behind, will have some big news on both fronts next week."

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Optical_Matrix2677d ago (Edited 2677d ago )

Looks like shits hitting the fan on June 2nd. That mega episode of GTTV with Skyward Sword live demo/ Uncharted 3 Co-op footage/ Soul Calibur V gameplay, Kojima Productions announcements and now this. Hmmm hmmmm mmm. This might be the new Witcher game that was mentioned the other day, which I think is probably Witcher 2 for consoles.

wohoo2677d ago

I hope so. Even if it looks slightly worse (which c'mon, it will), Witcher 2 would still be among the best looking games on any console. I'd take some of that action.

The constant hinting from CD itself and now the ESRB listing are too much imo for it to NOT happen. Hopefully :)

Dlacy13g2677d ago

plus, Witcher 2 is reportedly to feel better playing it with a game pad versus keyboard and mouse. Its almost as though they designed the game with a pad in mind.

fluffydelusions2677d ago

I think KB/M is better in this case. Just my opinion though.

Cerberus21252677d ago

It does play better with a pad,and it is a great game.

Series_IIa2677d ago

I played it with a 360 pad... Works fantastic IMO

joydestroy2677d ago (Edited 2677d ago )

yeah there's lots of dudes playing it with a pad on PC and say it works very well but i just enjoy playing RPGs with mouse/kb.

i have a 5 button mouse where two of the buttons are on the left side. one of them is set to pull sword/use sign and the other is set to sheathe my sword. it works very well how i have it set up. i'm finally on act two and haven't ran into a situation yet where i wished i was using a pad instead.

regardless, it's an amazing game and i hope they port it for others to enjoy as much as i have. best action-RPG i've ever played.

Tony P2677d ago

"Its almost as though they designed the game with a pad in mind."

Well, they did. It wasn't by accident. It was shown in that very first leaked video and subsequently talked up by CDP.

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BeastlyRig2677d ago (Edited 2677d ago )

The Witcher 2 for consoles doesn't sound incredible.

Will people say that's incredible?

It would be a nice announcement but not incredible.

If anything I have a feeling it will be only for 360.

awi59512677d ago

Yeah once it comes out on consoles i can hear fox news screaming now.

NYC_Gamer2677d ago

hope this game comes to consoles so everyone could enjoy this title and share player experiences

BeastlyRig2677d ago

As long as it never turn into a casual game later on it's cool!

I kinda get nervous when PC devs go into the console market! Next thing you know the witcher 3 will be easy & more accessible to a wider audience.

Brixxer6002677d ago

Please make it on consoles.

THWIP712677d ago (Edited 2677d ago )

"We're gonna release a proper patch FOR REALZ this time, LOL" :o

Frak2677d ago

Witcher 2 PS3 Exclusive

2677d ago
THWIP712677d ago

LOL...that's funny.

Considering it already works beautifully with the 360 controller, and porting is a cinch from PC -> 360....NO.

_LarZen_2677d ago

I play mostly on my PS3 but also on X360, I hope this is NOT a exclusive on any system as I think everyone should enjoy this game!

Heres crossing my fingers for a great console edition!

Tony P2677d ago

Don't worry. Fairly sure, it's not exclusive to any console. That's just something some of the people around here have latched on to since that easter egg.

Every other leak/rumor and official interview with the devs have suggested this is not the case at all.

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