Next Xbox: What’s Microsoft Waiting For?

Geek Revolt writes "Project Café will have an E3 2011 reveal, and yesterday it was confirmed that Sony is planning their next console. So this leaves Microsoft in an awkward position—while the competition is already talking about the future, they’re remaining silent. Here are a few reasons why they should hurry up and announce something—and one reason it might be “wise” to let Sony & Nintendo come to market first."

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Winning2675d ago

They may pull a fast one and release something with Nintendo. Or before. Microsoft is the type of company that just cannot sit by and watch competition bring out new items.

DeeZee2675d ago

Yeah that wouldn't surprise me. Everyone thinks they won't announce something new at E3, but at this point it would be almost dangerous to just sit there.

darthv722675d ago

a partnership with sega. One can only dream for sega to come back into the console fray.

Yeah I admit it...I'm a sega fanboy above all else.

tehpees32675d ago

what possible reason could M$ have to show their new console before Nintendo? they seriously aren't planning to beat them to market? the power of the hardware alone would cause major problems for it and failure rates would be higher than ever before

KeiserSosay47882675d ago

@ Darth

A partnership with Sega would def be too awesome. However, I really don't see it happening. It seems about as plausible as MS adopting Blu-ray discs. I would totally buy that console though.

EVILDEAD3602675d ago

This is the year that Micrsoft can reap all the rewards of Kinect and a popular system priced for the mass market.

Nintendo will only ANNOUNCE their system at E3...but it won't even have truly playable games. a launch line-up, or a release date until NEXT E3..

Which is when Micrsoft (and Sony) can announce their next system and pull momentum from Nintendo's launch.

Micrsoft is in a really great position right now and unless Nintendo announces something that can't be done by the other consoles.Project Cafe might not even be close to a success that Wii had.


DigitalRaptor2675d ago

That partnership isn't happening darth.

Can you comprehend how much a slap in the face that would be to current PlayStation and Nintendo gamers who have supported Sega in the past?

And Sega is a company to maintain their own artistic integrity. They make so much money from third party software on the other two platform holders that it's not even worth hoping for. Not worth it for Sega, and probably not worth it for Microsoft.

AAACE52675d ago

@Darthv72... As much as I used to think it would be a good idea for MS and Sega to work together, it just doesn't seem like a good idea!

Sega is basically dead! We are nostalgic about them, but they have nothing interesting for gamers. I loved Shen mue, but the fact is, it didn't sell. Sonic games haven't been performing well. Virtua fighter and their other games go largely ignored!

Sega would be as much a burden as having Rare!

What would be great is if MS keeps the IP from Rare and get rid of them! They could get some more creative talent on their roster for a cheaper price!

Rare has close to 200 people on staff, yet they can only get out 1 game every 1-4 years, while other developers have half that and get out a couple high quality games in that time frame.

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fluffydelusions2675d ago

Been saying the same thing. MS won't sit around while Nintendo bring out something new and likely more powerful. I would not at all be surprised at a new xbox announcement this year with a 2012 release.

Shok2675d ago

Microsoft did say that they want the 360 to last just as long as the PS3, but that idea might've changed now. No way they're going to release something in 2012 - they just started hiring engineers for the 720 late last year. I expect an announcement next E3 and release in 2013.

Or, they could do the Microsoft and rush it for a late 2012 release, but the console would be so rushed that it would have more problems than the 360, and I'm sure they don't want to do that again.

Dlacy13g2675d ago

Rushed? Do you think that just because they are not talking about it they are not working on it? Seriously? They probably began specing out new machines the year after launch. In fact it probably was kicked into high gear after the RROD situation was dealt with.

This E3 will be 100% about software... next E3 MS will announce the new console and depending on how they are doing sales wise they will either have it ready for 2012 holiday launch or hold off until sometime 2013.

Shok2675d ago

"...just because they are not talking about it they are not working on it? Seriously?"

Um, what? I just stated that they started hiring engineers for it last year......I just acknowledge that they ARE working on it lol.

Dlacy13g2675d ago

@Shok... hey my dad. I totally missed your comment regarding the hiring of the engineers. Now, one thing to keep in mind again...just because they listed those jobs doesn't mean they just started to work on the console. I am sure MS has had engineers working on it well before those announced jobs.

Persistantthug2675d ago (Edited 2675d ago )

Long story short, Microsoft doesn't have the same capabilities as Sony regarding hardware. They don't have the same leverage, the same facilities, they don't have the same engineers, or the same know how, and it will take Sony at LEAST 2 years to make a new console.

You might believe Microsoft can do it, but it takes a HUGE endeavor, and even if it was possible to get a new console out by 2012 from them, I don't think I'd want it, considering we've seen what happens when they do try to go against a clock.

2013 for XBOX 3 is my prediction.

Edit in...there's also another thing I wasn't gonna bring up...but typically, a good sign to know when it's time for new consoles.....

It's when PC's are able to emulate them.
That hasn't happened yet, and we are a ways off.

fluffydelusions2675d ago

360 is basically just a PC in a custom case. New xbox will probably be the same thing but of course upgraded specs. Wouldn't take long to slap some new parts into a case and there you have it.

yamzilla2675d ago

they need to have it out this year

damn console games are slipping so hard into the jurassic era

720p or less
25 frames per second

-shudder* gross

Hitman07692675d ago

They sit on their hands while Nintendo drops an Xbox 360... LoL . I would like to see their next box soon as possible too.

pepsilover_20072675d ago

They are probably waiting because they just spent millions on kinect and they probally dont want to waste that investment by have a new console out

fluffydelusions2675d ago

Kinect is a usb device. It works on PC and will work on the next xbox. No loss there.

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