Give me monocles or give me death

Who hasn't looked at their character and thought, "What this bad boy needs is a monocle?" or "Snakeskin boots, that's where it's at!" Hell, who hasn't looked at their ship and wished it had racing stripes or was full-on chromed. Seriously!

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Kon2677d ago

Yep. Monocles or GTFO.

Focker4202677d ago

I always thought Kratos would look even more badass w/ a monocle.

creamsoda2677d ago

Snakeskin boots are BADASS!! Last videogame character I saw wearing them was Joshua Graham (Burned Man).

THWIP712677d ago

...wouldn't it be "Give me a monocle..."? Just sayin' :o

mastiffchild2677d ago

No, not if, like myself, you insist on a CHOICE of monocle. You can get this kind of choice VERY wrong if the right one isn't available. Also if they did bring about the rise of the monocle I'd expect it to be a RARE unlockable perk for only the most badassed folk in the game. You don't want a noob with class eyewear, do you?