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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Impressions [Game Revolution]

"Pew Pew Pew Explosions! Lots and lots of explosions...." - Daniel Bischoff [Game Revolution] (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, Dev, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

Sev  +   1342d ago
Finally a Call of Duty that I'm halfway interested in.
news4geeks  +   1342d ago
It's funny that, I'm interested in this too. Not a big fan of CoD but I enjoyed CoD4 a lot and Spec Ops co-op in MW2 was awesome. Won't be buying it but will definitely play it. WaW and Black Ops are really poor games that don't deserve their sales though.
ftwrthtx  +   1342d ago
This is shaping up to be a front runner for game of the year.
Rybakov  +   1342d ago
oh im sorry what was that

silent hill
last guardian

yeah they were all being a serious and real (not to mention quality and dedication put into them by devs) to even let call of dootie have any sort of say
ftwrthtx  +   1342d ago
I didn't crown MW3 as game of the year. I only said it would be a front runner, and it will.
LOGICWINS  +   1342d ago
The fact that u think The Last Guardian is will be out this year pretty much calls into question the credibility of your entire comment...considering its coming out in 2012.
Yangus  +   1342d ago
Yeah,its good games.
But MW3 sell all-

uncharted sell 20 million?No-
last guardian(awesome)
MW3 not awesome visulas,but cool game and biggest selling this year-
claterz  +   1342d ago
Yangus why are you talking about sales?
Uncharted 2 one a bunch of GOTY awards but did it sell as much as CoD? no.
sales don't mean shit. Especially this gen, where people seem to spend £40 on crap games just because their friends all think it's cool.
dbjj12088  +   1342d ago
I don't think so. There are a lot of possible GOTYs this year but MW3 won't be GOTY.
LOGICWINS  +   1342d ago
"There are a lot of possible GOTYs this year but MW3 won't be MY GOTY."


..try looking outside of yourself and understand that your not the only gamer in this world. Everyone has their OWN GOTY.
ftwrthtx  +   1342d ago
After the sales figures are released, and the metacritic scores are tabulated, MW3 may rank as one of the top games.
LOGICWINS  +   1342d ago
This is game is TRULY set to blow people away at E3 =)
Dart89  +   1342d ago
I'm not holding my breath on that don't they say that about every cod every year??

@Below they always make the single player trailer look badass remember mw2 How did that story turn out??

<iframe width="640" height="390" src=" http://www.youtube.com/embe... frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe >
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LOGICWINS  +   1342d ago
^^Yeah...but I think IW has something to prove with Modern Warfare 3 and from the looks of the trailer the SP looks badass.

As far as the same engine being used, I honestly don't care. COD4's engine was fantastic..which is why me and my friends(and gamers across the globe)still play it.

Ever play GOW3? The combat system is largely unchanged from previous iterations and only "tweaked"(instead of being entirely revamped) Why? Because theres no need to fix something that isn't broken.

If people had a problem with the fast-passed twitch based gameplay of COD...people wouldn't be lining up in droves to buy it.
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claterz  +   1342d ago
CoD4's engine is great, for a 3 year old game. The fact that they won't build a new engine even when they own the best selling game of all time kinda shows a lot about IW/Activision. They're trying to get everything out of that old engine because they don't wanna spend any of their precious money.

They have a chance that most developers would kill for. They have pretty much guaranteed over 10 million sales for the next cod. So why not make it the best one ever, instead of letting it go to crap, which is what happens to all other Activision games they milk? they're wasting a huge opportunity IMO.
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CaptCalvin  +   1342d ago
GOW didn't come out with mostly the same game year after year. Even so some people are already complaining about lack of innovation.
Rybakov  +   1342d ago
impressions....same crap since 2007 with more pro-terrorism

go activision for being such scumbags as to allow terrorism to be published....how is your good ol friend bin laden...oh thats right he's dead cause that is the only way terrorist should be
dbjj12088  +   1342d ago
What the f*** are you talking about?
TheFreak  +   1342d ago
How in the hell have you come to the conclusion that activision is pro terrorism?
Koolaye  +   1342d ago
Many good shooters are releasing this year!
dbjj12088  +   1342d ago
Are you looking forward to MW3 or BF3 more?
Koolaye  +   1341d ago
BF3, since it's been quite a while since the last one, so I'm curious to see what they'll have in store for us shooter fans.

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