PSN To Undergo Maintenance Today

Looks like the PlayStation Network is either getting a lot of new features or is under some trouble. The official PlayStation twitter feed has stated that the PSN will undergo maintenance from roughly 10am to 11: 30am today.

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tablav2429d ago

What time zone is this?

thematrix12982429d ago

My educated guess is it's PST since the tweet was one hour ago.

tablav2429d ago

Cool. Thanks for that!

aceitman2429d ago

as long as its been down it says its undergoing maintenance. so y is it they keep saying it . it will stop when the store is up .

showtimefolks2429d ago

sony will surprise us with psn store being back online


just saw infamous 2 review now i can't even wait more

xAlmostPro2429d ago

I wouldn't be supried if it's for extra security checks, a group of hackers called LulzSec keep posting on twitter towards sony and that sony are stupid and something big is about to happen etc. wouldn't be suprised if sony are preparing for another attack..

UnbiasedGamer2429d ago

What is it the fourth time now?....Hopefully this one suprises us with the store being up again..this is getting tiresome.

LOGICWINS2429d ago

I don't see a reason for them to wait till Tuesday.

UnbiasedGamer2429d ago

I really hope so...So PSN & DLC codes expire? I got codes that I can't redeem for like over a month now hitting two months soon...PSN Store needs to get back online ASAP.

DCUOpodcast2429d ago

hope PS store is back asap

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The story is too old to be commented.