FIFA 12 "Player Impact Engine" to recreate the argy-bargy of the real thing

EA SPORTS has developed a new 'Player Impact Engine' physics engine that will deliver revolutionary changes to FIFA 12. Two years in development, the new Player Impact Engine inside FIFA 12 delivers real-world physicality in every interaction on the pitch. It is one of several major innovations for FIFA 12 that have been inspired by real-world football and created by the FIFA development team at EA Canada.

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Kee2675d ago

That's all well and good but will it still be boring as shit to play?

THWIP712675d ago's soccer, after all. :o

Jellzy2675d ago



It isn't the most watched sport in the world for nothing...

@ Kee

That's your opinion but IMO ever since Euro 2008 it's probably the best sport's sim there is. (only rivavled by management sim football manager).

Admittedly though last year's season/manager mode was a massive let down, and lost many key functions that the previous year had.

guigsy2675d ago

Ever wonder why no one else in the world plays the sports America invented?

Fred-G-Sanford2675d ago

Soccer is only as popular as it is because most kids in third world armpits have nothing else but a soccer ball to play with.

THWIP712675d ago

International baseball and basketball leagues the world over say hi. :o

BLACKBOIJONES2675d ago (Edited 2675d ago )

@THWIP71 And u wonder y the world thiinks u americans r a bunch of ignorant dumb people and majority of them hate u!!!!!!!!! EDIT:-"International baseball and basketball leagues the world over say hi. :o" The amount of people that do that is not even up to 10% in the people who play football...And its not even popular like international football leagues!!!

@Fred-G-Sanford And u just made my point more clear,What an ignorant dumb stupid comment.

Come 2morrow nite over 500million-1billion people will watch Barca v Man u in the champions league final world wide but no body worldwide never watches the NBA play offs of ur so called super bowl,..I wonder y u call it super bowl..May b its cuz most americans r fat greedy ignorant fuckers who eat so much so the added Bowl in the mix and called it super bowl.

@Fred-G-Sanford Belwo..And u give me an ignorant reply..The best u can come up wiv is a lame video saying u mad!!!....And u just proved more of my point y americans r dumb and ignorant.

Karum2675d ago

"Baseball World Series"

That one always tickles me when I think about how many teams from various countries across the world are represented in that competition.

Pintheshadows2675d ago

As opposed to Baseball, padded pussy Rugby and Basketball? The only sport you have that is worth watching is Ice Hockey.

And international Basketball and padded pussy Rugby leagues? The only other country I know that cares about them is you.

And if they are so popular where is there World Cup or Champions league equivalent? Hmmmm?

mastiffchild2675d ago

Oh, Fred G! "Third World Armpits"? Like being accessible is a bad part of football(yes, the game where you use your feet and not the misnomer you guys like so much)-how is that a bad thing anyway?

Point is football is more popular the world over than ANY other spectator sport and the numbers of people playing it DWARF every other team game in the known world by a landslide. The reason it's SO popular everywhere,among different races and peoples is because ANY size or shape can play it-unlike Basketball or US Gridron for example. Basketball is an accessible player sport but not one where you can be good unless you're somewhat of a freak physically and that's not true of football.

The other thing is it flows and has poetry,you can win in so many different ways-aggressively, defensively, on the counter, by using individual or team flair, by being regimented OR off the cuff. It's got way more freedom in this regard than any other sport and a game like Gridiron made of set plays just doesn't appeal to the rest of the World anything like as much because it's a game for only big and fast people for starters and then broken down into tiny bite sized bits so it can't ever flow.

Knock Association football if you must but the bulk of the World wont be laughing with you but AT you. The World Cup is a far more watched World event these days than even the Olympics.I guess everyone watching does soon the "third World Armpit" HDTV, yes? I've seldom witnessed such ignorance. Wasn't aware, either, that all of Europe, all the far East and middle East, all of SA and all of Africa was "third World" anyway. I think a lot of people in a lot of countries would be offended by your assertion.

Sure, drop a couple of jumpers for goalposts and you're most of the way to a playable pitch for footy but if that's somehow it's weakness in your head than I'm suggesting you don't understand what you're on about. It's called the "Universal Language" and "the Beautiful Game" for actual, proper reasons you know? If you would stop being so parochial and small minded you might start to understand what the World loves about this sport and take your blinkers off . There's nothing wrong with Gridiron, Baseball or Basketball but they just cannot ever hope to compete at the same World level as a real sport of the people which is what Football really, really is. The working man's ballet, his religion and everything in between. The greatest single sport ever created by a vast, vast distance.

RedDevils2675d ago (Edited 2675d ago )

@THWIP71 baseball wtf? that is the lamest and boring sport in the world is like ping pong lol no wonder people called Stupid American, first I thought they can't be that stupid now I know it true wow STUPID AMERICAN indeed :D

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Kee2675d ago

@Jellzy actually I was talking only about the fifa franchise.
Pro evolution soccer is at least fun to play because it doesn't focus too much on realism.
Fifa has just regressed into "Oh, well if it's realistic, people like it and we'll put out the same game year by year and re-label it". You really think this 'player impact engine' will do anything to make the game fun? I highly doubt it. Fifa is slow and boring and has been since 2003 or so.

RedDevils2675d ago (Edited 2675d ago )

LOL are you sure you know what are you talking about? Pes not focusing on realism? They been doing that all these days but fail at it, that is why Fifa been leading them for whole next gen, but the 2011 one they are starting to catching up with fifa tho

THWIP712675d ago (Edited 2675d ago )

Someone help me out here. Is that soccer talk for something meaningful...or just a failed attempt at a made up buzz word ?

MonkJammas2675d ago

Argy-bargy is British slang that I don't really know how to define. It's like arguing/contesting something - usually quite aggressively.

Jellzy2675d ago

Think of it as an aggressive tussle.

lukasbolander2675d ago

I hope they fix the online aspect. It's hard to find a game without lag, even though my connection is fine for every other game.