Amazon Offers Students FREE Xbox 360 with Purchase of Laptop

It’s official, Amazon comes back and offers a FREE Xbox 360 when students purchase a selected Laptop for back to school. This comes right after the Microsoft store had an offer of their own. You must be signed up for Amazon student — which is free to join!

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LOGICWINS2674d ago

Competition breeds more quality deals for consumers. Thanks Microsoft.

THWIP712674d ago

...except most of the PCs offered in this deal from Amazon are overpriced, crappy HPs. Not to mention, after June 6th, this won't be as great of a deal, since MS will likely announce a pricedrop to $149.99 on the 4G model...and maybe $249.99 on the 250G.

jdoggystyyle2674d ago

laptop with free xbox...not sure the complaint here?

THWIP712674d ago (Edited 2674d ago )

...but how old are you?

As with ANY "deal" like this, there's always a catch and/or the cost of the "free" item is built into the price of the purchase. You think Sony really gives away PS3s with those Bravia deals? No...they're overpriced to begin with. Likewise, of all of the PCs listed as part of this Amazon deal, ALL of them are overpriced, for what they are...and by AT LEAST the cost of a 4G 360. You have to spend AT LEAST $700 with this deal, to qualify. Give me $700, and I'll come up with much better PC than any of those listed...and have enough for a 4G 360 to boot.

Boody-Bandit2674d ago (Edited 2674d ago )

The complaint is you can pick some of these laptops up for the cost of the 4g 360 cheaper from other places. So in actuality you are buying both because of the inflated laptop prices.

Besides who wants a proprietary laptop? Have one custom built. You will get a lot better laptop for similar prices. I never understood picking up a 360 with only 4gigs of memory. I have a 250 gig hard drive for mine and wish I could go higher. I have it nearly at it's limits.

I have already had to uninstall games to add new ones. I feel bad for people that pick up a 4g and then find out you can barely save anything to it. Stupid marketing ploy just to move more units to un knowledgeable consumers.

Either way I would wait until E3.

gamingdroid2674d ago

They have been giving away $50 credits with the Xbox 360 for a while now, and at one point gave away 1600 points in addition to the $50 credit.

PS3 have had similar deals, at one point a $100 credit! The other day, Target had a glitch it seemed and gave $160 credit.

That said, no Thinkpad laptop, no buy from me! I only use Thinkpads, preferably the X series.

THWIP712674d ago

...about the impending pricedrops I mentioned. ;)

gamingdroid2674d ago

Price drops are mandated by the console manufacturer, primarily because profit margins on consoles are non-existant.

So it wouldn't be because retailers know of a price drop, but rather trying to stimulate sales without dropping the price permanently.

I don't think there will be a price drop from MS, as their console is selling strong. Unless Sony is dropping the price, there is no pressure on MS right now in the U.S.

2674d ago