Tomb Raider Reboot: Can It Be An Experience Like Uncharted?

GB -"Every gamer under the sun knows (or at least bloody well should know) the Tomb Raider series and its globe trotting protagonist, Lara Croft. Once one of the pioneering adventure titles of the early 3D generation, the Tomb Raider series has suffered a mild fall from grace as of late. "

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fluffydelusions2642d ago

Anything is possible but I doubt it.

Elimin82642d ago

"Can It Be An Experience Like Uncharted?" Wouldn't be a bad thing...

MaxXAttaxX2642d ago (Edited 2642d ago )

Story-wise, maybe yeah. I like that TR is evolving, but hope it remains true to itself still.

TheDivine2642d ago

Yea i def think it can underworld is on par with drakes fortune although a little more frustrating controls but great puzzles and platforming they need a great story though. Guardian of light is my fav psn title so i have high hopes for this reboot. Wel see, il get this and un3.

EVILDEAD3602642d ago

I've always said that Uncharted was the Tomb Raider killer of this generation.

But Tomb Raide could still end up this gen as the multi-plat sub-Uncharted and THAT would be a good thing for the franchise.


blahblah2642d ago

for my taste not, unless something goes wrong.

i always liked playing any TR more than UC2 (not comparing to UC1 as it was mostly shooter anyway, and a damn awesome one, still one of my top 5 games in life).

not that TR is better done in any department. i simply like exploration more than exploration with mass murder. while UC1 defined it self as shooter, TR as exploration, UC2 simply failed in that department, bit of both thrown into mixer with hopes for best result.

TR as series is number 3 on my list. Demon's souls being 1st (i know it is not yet series until oct, but still...), MGS 2nd, TR 3rd, ICO 4th.

after UC2 fiasco i don't even care about 3rd installment, so i really hope TR won't be anything like UC2.

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Prcko2642d ago (Edited 2642d ago )

No because it's multiplat title!!
Uncharted- exclusive game,developers have much time to polish and make all things right,and they know 100% how to use console power!!!

end of discussion!

Kon2642d ago

Well, Multiplats>Exclusives anytime imo

2642d ago
jack_burt0n2642d ago

He is right whether its halo, witcher or uncharted exclusives WIN.

Optical_Matrix2642d ago

Well I was reading Edge's in depth preview on the train home today and the game sounds so good. So so good. Having explorable hubs, having COMPLETE control of the character when doing platforming/free running-esque maneuvers....heck EDGE even said the graphics are something to shout about. Will be keeping my eye on this one. The key to the gameplay is apparently survival and I hear (from EDGE again) that you'll have to do a lot of experimentation with random objects in spaces when trying to solve puzzles.

Venox20082642d ago

I do hope it won't be like Uncharted (I mean "bang bang, boom, bang, bang) ..I want deep tomb raider experience

news4geeks2642d ago (Edited 2642d ago )

Agreed. I don't want tomb raider to try and be Uncharted and I'm afraid that's what we'll see in the reboot. I want tomb raider to be about the puzzles, leave the action to Uncharted.

Although I think Uncharted is a better series I mostly enjoy puzzle games more than action games. Maybe Tomb Raider could do with a better story though.

Venox20082642d ago

it will be something like Batman: begins , which is a good thing, you'll have to fear your enemies ^^ :)

lowcarb2642d ago (Edited 2642d ago )

@venox2008, exactly! Let UC be UC and quit thinking every game has to follow its footsteps.

Jumper092642d ago

TR is already better than uncharted.

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