Importing Infamous Saves into Infamous 2

If you beat the original Infamous, collected the 350 blast shards, and earned the Platinum Trophy, chances are you'd be down with Infamous 2 rewards based on those accomplishments. Developer Sucker Punch agrees.

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guitarded772678d ago

Yes! Nice to be rewarded for getting the platinum.

BiggCMan2678d ago

The best part is that it reads the trophy data, and not the save data. I lost my original saves for this game when my PS3 died, but I still have the platinum trophy which is great, so I will be able to get these rewards.

Jinxstar2678d ago

I'm n the same boat but at the same time... Do I want to start it on easy mode? Or just play it on a more challenging setting?...

This is going to be something to think on I believe...

Elimin82677d ago

Yeah me too. I was about to ask but I take it by your comment I too am safe!?

AstroZombie12677d ago

Same here too got my hero edition on pre-order can't wait for E3 week, E3 and Infamous 2 = Win.

ReservoirDog3162677d ago

Yeah I'm so glad that it checks trophies instead of saves. Last PS3 died but I got the platinum so I'm cool.

Smart thinking SP.

Digitaldude2677d ago

Same I lost my save data when PS3 died but I do have the platinum.

BeOneWithTheGun2677d ago

@all above....Guys, flash drives are dirt cheap. Anytime you beat a game BACK THAT SAVE UP!! :)

NewZealander2677d ago

yeah i lost all my saves after ps3 died too, its crappy how they wipe the hdd

DaTruth2677d ago (Edited 2677d ago )

Great, now I have to go searching for that last stupid blast shard I never found!

1 shard between me and a platinum, but I lost my save so technically I have to get them all again... but it's the last one I remember!(shakes fist at Infamous case)

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UnbiasedGamer2678d ago

can Sony please get the PSN Store back so I can play Infamous one? Ready for Infamous two? seriously....Only game on that list i haven't played rest I played on PS3 and PSP.

Blaine2678d ago


Exactly what I was going to say!

TBM2678d ago

Im good then since I platinum it.

egidem2677d ago

It's actually sweet! I have 2 infamous saves (1 Hero, 1 infamous) each one completed to 100%, each one with all stunts, side missions, blast shards, dead drops and upgrade powers done, with the platinum there.

I so can't wait!!

Jaces2677d ago

Really awesome! :D

Finally it's nice to be noticed for your trophies and actually being rewarded for all that hard work.

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MrDead2678d ago

I just need to do the special moves list then i have the platinum, my god some of them are hard.

BlackTar1872678d ago

i have 1 fricken shard to find. I searched the city for hrs.

guitarded772678d ago

Oh God, I was there once... 1 damn shard. Sucks, I feel your pain. As for the stunts, do them before you beat the game. Once you finish, it's hard to find enemies. Those 2 along with finishing the last enemy (no spoilers) on hard are the 3 toughest.

sorceror1712678d ago

According to the article, you don't have to get *all* the shards, getting 50% of them gets you some extra energy.

Maybe there's other rewards the article doesn't list for the Platinum or something, but it doesn't look like you need the plat to get all the I2 rewards.

GameSpawn2677d ago

Just use the blast shard map on GameFAQs and start marking them off one by one. It's a pain, but you'll eventually find it. Just keep mashing R3 and watching for blue dots.

The 2 hardest things to get plat in Infamous were finishing all the stunts and beating the game on hard.

Some of the stunts require pure freakin luck. Also beating the game on hard was annoying, not because the game was hard; hell it wasn't any different than the other difficulties EXCEPT for the Kessler boss fight. Christ that alone makes the platinum difficulty of the game at least 7/10 if not an 8.

BlackTar1872677d ago (Edited 2677d ago )

see i had no problem with any of that. I did use the shard map ;( but somewhere i missed one going thru them a 2nd time is awful lol.

also 1 stunt that you may need help with is kill 3 peopl eon a rail at the same time. There is a how to on youtube to get them to spawn in the first city after jumping out to the piers. Sounds confusing but i bet you need that one.

I didn't find anything on infamous hard well except the last shard.

I was missing 2 i thought 1 and i climbed up the super tall building that hides one up top thats not pingable from ground level and i saw it and was dancing etc. picked it up and it said you now need 1 more i almost died :(

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MrDead2678d ago (Edited 2678d ago )

Yeah I had the one shard left problem, you try to be as methodical as possible but still one shard left. Im sure i found it way off land on one of the small rock outcrops.

Didn't mean to reply to myself then

jack_burt0n2678d ago

Yes you need to search the really high places and the rocky outcrops, piers and the big cranes.

You will get it eventually :)

MrDead2678d ago

When some wild-eyed, eight-foot-tall maniac grabs your neck, taps the back of your favorite head up against the barroom wall, and he looks you crooked in the eye and he asks you if ya paid your dues, you just stare that big sucker right back in the eye, and you remember what ol' Jack Burton always says at a time like that: "Have ya paid your dues, Jack?" "Yessir, the check is in the mail."

Kee2678d ago

Is this done via trophies or saves because i lost my infamous save when my ps3 ylod'd. I got all them shards too...

BiggCMan2678d ago

Read the article man, its as clear as day.

Kee2678d ago

Well the title says importing SAVES and in the article it says TROPHY sync. So which is it?

jack_burt0n2678d ago

should have been something specific for platinum imo like a skin but great idea better than uncharted 2 which was a bit weak with its save import.

beast242tru2678d ago

i traded infamous for red dead redemption before i got to finish it :(

jimmywolf2678d ago

when ps store back up infamous is one the the "free" games you can pick

Ascalon942677d ago

even though infamous is incredible that is a good trade

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