Spectacular Just Cause 2 Point Cloud Video

How awesome is this?! It's is a point cloud visualisation video, showing 11 million different player deaths in the popular action-explode-a-thon Just Cause 2. We all know a lot of applications/games record usage statics etc, this surely has to be the best use of displaying a specific statistic, ever.

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blumatt2608d ago

I love this game!!! I've got several videos I posted using the Youtube upload feature on the PS3. haha So much fun in this game to be had!

Spitfire_Riggz2608d ago

Yeah such a crazy game. Me and my cousin were hooked on the 20 minute demo hahaha. We would just start it up and do crazy shit and restart!

Hazmat132608d ago

wait what was this about?

mrmancs2608d ago

wonder if our own real energy imprints do the same in life when we die? hmm.. cool video.