First official Tomb Raider trailer announced with new teaser images

News of the first official Tomb Raider reboot trailer emerged today along with the release of two brand new teaser images. It would appear Lara is ready for her first motion debut! Hopefully.

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TerminalGamer2554d ago

This is one reboot we are definitely looking forward to.

Jack-H2554d ago

I am strangely VERY excited and hopeful for this game. The article in GI really got my attention. I think this could be pretty awesome(for lack of a better word).

MidnytRain2554d ago

This is a reboot not only for Ms. Croft, but for women in gaming.

Jack-H2554d ago (Edited 2554d ago )

VERY good point. I think that's, in part, why I'm so interested in this. *Bubbles Bub*

grifter0242554d ago

Jeez its a game you dont need to put an agenda with everything do we?!

This isnt the Lara I grew up with and seeing as how the last 3-4 Lara games have gone I will bet this one goes the same way.

I dont know why they had to ruin a good thing.

MidnytRain2554d ago (Edited 2554d ago )

Did you read Game Informer's story on this game? Jack-H did. It's so different from past games. That's why they call it a "reboot".

Jack-H2554d ago

Well if he didn't read it I can understand his skepticism. The article paints a vivid picture of what to expect. The reason it's so different is the reason I'm so interested.

ChrisW2554d ago

I'm sorry... but what the hell happened to her boobs?