9.0 - DiRT 3 Review

Rally racing has been a motorsport that I have been interested in for a little while now. There’s something about a car tearing through the wild, careening wildly around corners with the driver barely maintaining control that just seems cool to me. DiRT 3 manages to capture that feel perfectly; it makes you feel like you are always out of control, but manages to allow you to maintain that tiny bit of control to make you feel like a legitimate virtual rally racer. This game is the real deal; it is one of the best racing games this year. GamerBuzzers, I have just played the most “fun” racing game in a LONG time.

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Outsider-G2678d ago

Traded in Crap Ops for this. Didn't have to pay no difference due to the 50% Power Trade.

Daves2678d ago

Pah, sorry. Clicked disagree and meant agree! ...bubbles instead.