5 Mistakes That the Next Console Generation Should Avoid

Now that the Big 3 all have plans in some form for a new console, everyone is excited to usher in a new generation of consoles. Though the road to a new generation can be an exciting one, it also can prove to have a few bumps as well. Here are 5 mistakes that should be avoided as new consoles make their way into the world.

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Chug2609d ago

Author actually thinks the 360 uses HD DVD as it's disc format...

BrianG2609d ago

Was just about to comment on that. 360 games use your standard DVD discs. But with the recent update they now support a slightly larger DVD disc format.

fluffydelusions2609d ago (Edited 2609d ago )

DVD is and isn't a problem. DVD is what PC games ship on. If the 360 had a huge HD you could just do game installs like on PC. But there is also the issue that MS charges extra money for every game disc.

GrieverSoul2609d ago

More surprisingly is the authour didnt even mention faulty hardware. The reason Im not a X360 owner from the day it released is because the X360 got so many fault units in its first 2 years.

MisterAV2609d ago (Edited 2609d ago )

no, they always used standard dvd, it's just they limited the size to 6.8GB

tehpees32609d ago

why don't they just swallow their humble pie and add blu-ray?

MaxXAttaxX2609d ago

The author edited the article.

darthv722609d ago

I can dig it. I wont try and talk you into getting one now that they have a more stable system with the 360s. Oh...wait....


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Chug2609d ago (Edited 2609d ago )

LOL! He stealth edited his article. Nice one, next time maybe you should do some research before you start typing.

greatjimbo782609d ago

I suggest you go back and re-read the article. You know, before you embarrass yourself.

BrianG2609d ago

I suggest you don't assume things, Me and Chug were the first two to comment on this article. When we did, it suggested Xbox games were using HD DVD's.

Articles can be edited you know.

awi59512609d ago

Not microsofts fault LA Noir was annoucned as a ps3 exclusive years ago. But rockstar wanted the money so they made a 360 version. They should have kept it exclusive,dont run after the money and bitch about it later.

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MMFGaming2609d ago

The future of gaming isn't a console at all, not in the conventional sense at least. It's all going to based on the cloud. Digital games, digital movies --discs and storage capacity are going to become a thing of the past.

Rip on OnLive all you want -- if they have the backing of the big three, they'd be the future.

EYEamNUMBER12609d ago

onlive doesn't and NEVER will have the support of the big 3 hence all the ripping

physical media is FAR from going anywhere anytime soon

MMFGaming2609d ago

I'm guessing 5-10 years max. Once high speed Internet becomes more widely available, I wouldn't be surprised at all to see physical media being phased out entirely.

It's happening with music...
It's happening with PC games...
It's happening with movies....
It's begun to happen with video games (games on demand, etc.)....

It's the direction that the industry is evolving in.

EYEamNUMBER12609d ago

physical media phased out in 5 - 10 years? that's a pipe dream

probably might happen one day but not in that short amount of time and even then physical media will always be around

etowntwo2609d ago


"It's happening with music... It's happening with PC games... It's happening with movies.... It's begun to happen with video games (games on demand, etc.)...."

You make a lot of sense..... To think otherwise is just denial.

PsN and Arcade games are a good example also.

gamingdroid2609d ago (Edited 2609d ago )

To believe anything else is to be naive. A disc format might exist for a while, but the shift will accelerate even faster than music. The large number of people connected with their console is proof of that.

We can already stream movies via Netflix, Hulu and Youtube.

What held people back in the past was uncomfortably with unclear guidelines of what happens to digital content which is easily lost. Now a days you can just re-download it.

awi59512609d ago

Well my city just got 50MB internet so i just signed up for that. Man i could download a 10GIG game off of steam in about 3 hours with my 10MB connection. Man with 50mb man it will be so fast lol.

death2smoochie2609d ago (Edited 2609d ago )

Digital Distribution is the future like it or not.
Remember those ever FAMOUS WORDS MANY WERE STATING when MP3's first arrived on the scene?

"I will never give up my phsyical CD copy etc..."

Look what happened...

Have you seen the latest sales results and forecast for DVD and Blu-Ray movies?
Those numbers are DOWN by large margins compared to just last year. What statistical numbrs are up? On Demand type movies....By LARGE MARGINS.
First was Music....Second will by movies...last will be games....

It's just the future and it's coming A LOT sooner than many here think for VARIOUS reasons associated with cost cutting measures for these game developers and ease of distribution by cutting out the middle men.
It's also just one of the reasons CD sales have almost died compared to MP3 online sales.
It's coming...

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Nes_Daze2609d ago

I personally like the joy of going to the store and buying my games, sounds weird but downloading it digitally just wouldn't be the same. I don't expect digital gaming to kick off any time soon, besides, the whole thought of not having to go anywhere because digital media is right at your house sounds too

stealth500k2609d ago

Sorry but your kinda a fool if you think physical media which makes up more than 75 percent of game sales is going anywhere.

awi59512609d ago (Edited 2609d ago )

We dont know that digital dealers dont give out their numbers it makes the retail guys angry and they threaten to pull consoles and hardware off shelves. People have been trying to get steam to release their numbers for years and they wont. They said it just causes them problems and i understand why. The retail stores are scared *&^*&^(* about digital downloads. I buy so many 9 dollar game sales on steam i cant stop myself lol.

stealth500k2609d ago

^ retail is king. Period. Look at book stores and music stores still kicking

MMFGaming2609d ago

Book stores and music stores are going extinct.

There's a reason why Borders filed for bankruptcy

Winning2609d ago

20 years at least before everything is all digital.

kingdoms2609d ago

20 years? At the current rate I say by next gen.

Persistantthug2609d ago (Edited 2609d ago )

Next generation of consoles will have expanded Digital Download options, but disks to all of the "premium" games will still available.

And as long as Consoles need to be sold in stores, you will have disks or some retail medium attached to it.

You know why?
Because Best Buy's, Target, Gamestop, Walmart, etc.....they won't sell consoles, which typically don't make stores much money, without software for them to sell.

That's how business works MMFGaming....Retail needs to make money, or they don't sell your product.

So DD only, is only a DISTANT future.

BeOneWithTheGun2609d ago

No, Best Buy could have a voucher system in place and just have place holders on their shelves. When you buy a code for a game, they can offer "exclusive" things like a certain gun, etc. Just like we see now with pre-orders.

Persistantthug2608d ago

But, lets be real here....

Do you really think Sony spent all those millions...BILLIONS even, destroying and winning their format war, just so they could abandon their BluRay now?

And also, do you think the whole world is gonna accept a DD only system? I live in California, SILICON VALLEY, and I'm still only getting 200k at the moment. These companies don't sell regionally, BeOneWithTheGun, they sell WORLDWIDE, and the world isn't quite ready for Download only consoles, certainly not by 2013 or 2014.

Whomever tries to do it, I guaranty I won't buy said system.....and I more guaranty, there's many, many more that would follow the same sentiment.....we'll all be buying the competitors product so we can have disks.

That's why it won't happen next gen, BeOneWithTheGun.

Vherostar2609d ago

The future of gaming is not 2 consoles with almost the exact same library of games its damn annoying when my friend asks me to play a game like dynasty warriors 7 and then we find out there on different consoles. I mean sure people buy for exclusives but i'm sick of having 2 consoles with a 90% library of the SAME games.

People say having 2 consoles breeds competitiveness and lowers prices I think this generation shows us nobody gives a crap about saving money to sell games (activision proved that) . So lets get an MS and Sony joint console I mean seriously Nintendo are selling so many damn consoles Sony and MS need to team up to stand a chance in the next gen.

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LiamIRL822609d ago

Please make a console that does not overheat. Heat kills them. A cooler running console is very important!

BrianG2609d ago (Edited 2609d ago )

Wouldn't a liquid cooled next gen console be cool.

I know they can do it, all you need is a radiator. And I'm sure Sony can find or manufacture a radiator unit small enough to fit inside a console, something like a Corsair H70 or H50.

LiamIRL822609d ago

That's pretty cool (pardon the pun!). Would it really be possible to shrink one of those down to console size, though I suppose if anyone can Sony can!

xDaRkModEx2609d ago


fluffydelusions2609d ago

Great point here. Both consoles at the beginning suffered from this issue.

beast242tru2609d ago

i love physical media seeing my money piled up on a shelf stacked nicely beats a dead hdd and head hurt any day i could see the xbox onli fans lovein digital the disk scratch easily and the console sounds like a jet wen played without copying the cd to hdd and agen hdd can crash

turgore2609d ago

and DVDs scratch and take up lots of space.

Rybakov2609d ago

concentration of online gameplay

more focus on core fans (get rid of shovleware)

more ip's instead of milking the same 3 for almost 6 years

better online moderating so there will be even less hacks and cheats

then this one is more of a personal opinion but fire anyone who works in gaming journalism and get people who write fair bias articles that don't start fangirl wars at every sentence....and we can also read reviews that don't compare or demand everything be like call of duty

and 6 get rid of call of duty

Winning2609d ago

Get the education and produce your own original IP. What's that? Yea I didn't think so.

Get rid of Call of Duty? The biggest franchise in gaming history? You're just not too bright

Rybakov2609d ago

haha you know its funny cause im in collage now for script writing....were studying gaming right now too...funny you brought that up

and clearly im may be the biggest selling but thats because people are retarted don't realize there buying the same crap they bought last year.....not to mention it supports terrorism

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