Survival mode in 'Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3'

There's so much happening with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 that Game Hunters has already chimed in with the latest on the Modern Warfare 3 story and the Call of Duty phenomenon

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benleescott2672d ago

Treyarch is fucked, theres nothing to be a fanboy for them over now.

jdfoster002672d ago

haha xD. I agree. If treyarch wana win the fans back they gotta come out with something fucking fab or else I won't buy another Treyarch game - not cod game - treyarch game. Because, let's face it cod 5 had a decent sp shit multiplayer with zombies... Blackops had a good sp an awful mp but good things such as theatre mode... Zombies where AWFUL too the 3 maps we got at the beggining where shocking!

xPhearR3dx2672d ago

I actually enjoyed Black Ops SP, hated the multiplayer to death and was extremely disappointed with Zombies. Treyarch did such a great job with WaW creating some kick ass Zombie maps. The Black Ops Zombie maps were utter shit, and the DLC Zombie maps were even worse.

Call of the Dead was so bad. They tried so hard to make it "cool" and ended up making it stupid and annoying. They added stupid stuff to make it harder I guess you could say totally ruining the fun.

beavis4play2672d ago

i don't understand either of you - kino and ascention are GREAT zombie maps (although i hate the idea of perk-stealing monkeys). five is really fun too (i love the stuff the presidents say). i haven't got CotD yet (us ps3 people have to wait an extra month) but it looks very good as well.

Saryk2672d ago

Survival Mode for the investor!

jdfoster002672d ago

@xPhearR3dx I agree with you!

DarkSpawnClone2672d ago

I'm kinda interested,I'm going to keep my eye on it and see how it progresses once it's out i will probably make my decision then tho i might end up getting it for my little brother on Christmas like i always do he loves cod so it's always a good gift for him tho i kinda got him converted to battlefield :P but i think he would enjoy both lol,gotta say it's fun playing on split screen on cod tho.

DevilishSix2672d ago (Edited 2672d ago )

But I have always been a fan of survival modes. Whether it's Horde, Firefight, Zombies, etc. Having leaderboards, matchmaking, and being able to play it on the multiplayer maps is a smart move by the developers for MW3. I will purchase this game now, because if the sp and mp turns out crap, my friends and I can still play survival, which should work on any dlc mp maps afterword. This is where zombies fails, you can't play it on all maps, only specific made maps which is limiting.

Speakindatruth2672d ago (Edited 2672d ago )

Yes I agree that Activision treats their developers like crap--but you kind of go off in an entirely different direction with your point. Zombies is a great survival mode because the maps are specifically designed for Zombies, unlike most other survival modes. It's really hard to find one good spot and stick to it; once you get far enough in, you have to be constantly moving. It's an adrenaline rush in itself, and limiting zombies to melee combat is pretty awesome. Two hit deaths add to the challenge, as there is no difficulty setting. This is what makes Zombies unique, alongside the mode being an unrivaled experience--it's disappointing you have to buy Black Ops to purchase Zombies. L4D could be a potential rival, but it's a totally different game, and it tends to be much easier and isn't a round based game.

DevilishSix2672d ago (Edited 2672d ago )

I wasn't really trying to go off in a different direction, but I wasn't clear and to the point. What I was trying to say was that even though Activision is so crappy to their developers, and though I do not want to fund this kind of abuse by purchasing their games. I will have to purchase MW3, because they hit the target with me by having a survival mode.

Speakindatruth2671d ago (Edited 2671d ago )

Yeah. Then again, Activision's crappy treatment is common knowledge--most video game devs are treated this way and the industry tends to hide it. The only reason why Activision is the big example is because it's funded the production of Modern Warfare and didn't pay their devs the fair share, and proceeded not to pay them after the release of their highly successful game. They didn't make the same mistake with Treyarch--oh wait, that's because Treyarch sold out, and it's why Zampella and the gang split. It's why you heard all that shit about "World At War is a shitty retexture of our game." Because they agreed to shitty things in order to make a shittier game.

It's a huge reason for why better games don't exist out there, because people are scared out of game developement thanks to it's comparative payoff to slave labor. A good comparison would be to the Disney Imagineers or the early Disney Animators--artist hell, if you will. $40 grand may seem like a lot to some, but an architect with half the skills will make around $80 grand at least when he starts up and won't need to work half the time. Video game developing is literally hell. Pulling yourself through something for several years with little payoff doesn't attract a lot of the talent you'd want, and that's why it's been such a slow up-and-comer, with only a few games really taking it to the next level. Money buys talent, and sadly, talent doesn't tend to give itself away so easily.
So this corruption with the publishers, on top of used game sales interfering with dev payout, and of course lack of performance heavy titles this year does lead to a lot of trouble for games that really challenge the console GPU--really is what's holding our industry back. Then again, I'm somehow no longer talking about Survival mode...

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