Mortal Kombat DLC Trailer Announces Content

The first downloadable pack offers gamers a chance to get all of the pre-order content in one set.

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bruddahmanmatt2606d ago

I'm generally against studios that charge for pre-order bonuses released as DLC down the road as I feel like it's yet another way they nickel and dime customers...BUT, Mortal Kombat was packed with so much content from the start, I think this is one case where you could make an exception. So many characters already have alternates from the story mode which you can unlock and you already have so much content to play for from the outset, that I can't really say I mind them charging an extra $5 for the classic costumes and fatalities given how much they've already poured into the core game. Plus it's $5 for everything which is nothing compared to the massive rip-off Capcom tried to charge folks for the SFIV alternates. What was it, like $25 or something, get real.

Netherrealm outdid themselves with MK9, and as such, I think this is one situation where the studio should be rewarded for all of their hard work as the game was one of the rare cases today where I felt like "damn, this is actually worth more than $60". Plus if you were a smart shopper, you'd know that MK9 could have and still can be had for $40 anyway. In fact I think Toys R Us had it for like $30 at one point as well.

Dart892606d ago (Edited 2606d ago )

Sweet but what about those who already have some of the costumes will we have to download them again the pack??

Edit: @ bleow Ahh ok any word on a release date??

xxxAnubisxxx2606d ago

They will all be automatically downloaded, I'm sure. If you already own some of them, it will not cause a problem.

DirtyLary2606d ago (Edited 2606d ago )

Everyone already has the data.
DLC - Disc locked content

DTMBSquid2606d ago

June 7th... There is more info in the article linked.

Dart892606d ago (Edited 2606d ago )

Idk if you guys noticed but at 1:20 when scorpion does his fatality on sub-zero his costume changes to smokes classic costume:D.

@Below i agree Mk is a must play no matter what people say i grew up playing both mk and street fighter but MK has really grown on me over these last years.

xxxAnubisxxx2606d ago

I love everything about Mortal Kombat.

felonycarclub2606d ago

yeah what is that about are they gona give us smokes classic costume what about noob saibot

Omar1st2606d ago

Hell yeah, All the klassic costumes with the fatalities that come with for $5...HELL YEAH !

Toasty !

Cant wait.

soundslike2606d ago

eww I just gave hits to battlestrats

I totally regret that

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The story is too old to be commented.