Second teaser image for Tomb Raider debut trailer

Find out exactly when the first Tomb Raider trailer will be available.

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MaxXAttaxX2610d ago

Yeah I'm really hoping to see some gameplay.

emekcrash2610d ago (Edited 2610d ago )

The camera will slide across a table with loads of adventure gear. Then it will show Lara in a massive swamp with a plane crashed behind her. It will cut into a long shot showing the entire swamp and she will start walking towards it with the music getting louder and the games logo suddenly appearing.

Edios will be like: Problem, Uncharted fans?

Convas2610d ago

Word my brother. Word.

MaxXAttaxX2610d ago


I like that TR is trying to evolve. But I also hope it stays true to itself.

Rashonality2610d ago

If it's something similar to the Deus ex one then WOOHOO

felonycarclub2610d ago

i think it would be kool if they made a game with nathan drake and lara croft, would be kinda kool but let naughty dog make it.