Capcom: Dragon's Dogma 'One of the Greatest Games We've Ever Made'

The game director of Dragon's Dogma explains why he believes the game is one of the best games that Capcom has ever released.

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lalalala2557d ago

Where is Onimusha Capcom!??! I swear Capcom are so stupid sometimes.

wwm0nkey2557d ago

Love Onimusha as well but the series just didnt sell that well :/

Venox20082557d ago

building hype, eh, capcom? :)

dude_meister2557d ago

Seems too much like Skyrim imo, hopefully it isn't exactly like it.

TOO PAWNED2557d ago

why is that bad(if it is like Skyrim)? It's not like RPGs are FPS of this gen. Very few good rpgs these days.

dude_meister2557d ago

Well I don't really want to play the same game, I don't want it to be a complete copycat. If it can differentiate enough, then that'd be fine.

Tony P2557d ago (Edited 2557d ago )

Because if it was exactly like it, what's the point?

But, it's not going to be and if you've seen at least one video of it, it's nothing like a TES. It's just an action-adventure game with an open-world. GTA was too. Doesn't make it a TES clone.

_Empath_2557d ago

Choo Choo all aboard the hype express.

Vandamme212557d ago (Edited 2557d ago )

Keep up the good work Capcom
Let the haters hate all they want lol

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The story is too old to be commented.