"Never underestimate Nintendo," Ubisoft states

Nintendo Universe writes:

“Never underestimate Nintendo” is the latest comment to be made ahead of the company’s unveiling of Project Café during their E3 Media Presentation, this time coming from Rob Cooper, Managing Director at Ubisoft UK.

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LiamIRL822675d ago

I agree, the 3DS may be going a bit slow now but good luck finding one around Xmas time. Take advantage of the discounts a lot of retailers are doing now.

browngamer42675d ago

Wise words from a company with a history of crappy Nintendo support..

lizard812882675d ago (Edited 2675d ago )

I couldn't have said it better. Ubisoft is my least favorite company for this next to EA. They (Ubisoft) have put more crap games on the 3ds,ds, and wii than any other company i know. they flood it with imagine babyz, and other garbage.

I know not everybody is a hardcore gamer, but they don't need to pump so much, its ridiculous.

AdvanceWarsSgt2675d ago

Say what you will about their other 3DS games, but GR: Shadow Wars is not one of those bad games.

Shok2675d ago

Oh man, shit just got real lol.

This is the 3rd dev that has came out and basically said that Project Cafe will be kickass. Can't wait for E3.

jacksonmichael2675d ago

Personally, I was more excited by what the guy from Rare said. Largely because I'm of the age group that thinks swearing makes you more believable. :)

Achtung2675d ago

Well I hope Ubisoft then supports Wii 2 with great games instead of... well, you know...