TGV Rumor: Modern Warfare 3 Perks and Kill Streaks leaked

Over on the Undisputed Online forums, a user who signed up this month and has less than ten posts has leaked an entire list of perks and kill streaks for upcoming Activision first-person shooter Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.


Having been contacted by an unnamed administrator at the Modern Warfare 3 Forums, it’s been brought to my attention that the original post is a copy-paste job from another post on the forums.

As rumors go (as this was titled, but a ton of people seem to have neglected that), I was directed to the original source by a friend and as it turns out, it’s not real at all. It’s a fan-list of perks and kill streaks and is not a leaked list at all. The original writer is 17-years-old and has no affiliation with Activision or Infinity Ward.

Apologies for any confusion.

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Dart892430d ago (Edited 2430d ago )

Wow if they bring all that back then i can see the game already being broken unless they do it like black ops and make kill streaks unstackble then you're just gonna have AC130 and chopper gunners every 30 sec:D and wtf no cold blooded??

Edit:See this is what i mean by broken go back to cod4 perks where there was no pro perks and it forces people to try out different combinations.

claterz2429d ago (Edited 2429d ago )

They ALWAYS take perks out that people want, and keep the ones that make the game unbalanced.

And why are there so many kill streaks? I loved 3 fixed kill streaks in CoD4, it was so much better!

rabidpancakeburglar2429d ago

The perks that people want are usually the ones that make the game unbalanced but people complain that they make the game unbalanced when they aren't using it for a brief period of time

theonlylolking2429d ago

I like this killstreak setup from this rumored list the best but the perks are horrible. MW3 only needed to take out danger close, one man army, death streaks, and commando from MW2.

NatureOfLogic2429d ago

This looks like some fanboy list.

Sillyace922429d ago

Yep, looks totally fake. And this website doesn't even look credible, just seems like they want some of the attention Kotaku has been getting.

captain-obvious2429d ago

lol @ Covert
the ultimate camping perk

Reflexes is the new commando
Sharpshooter is another camping helper perk

thats SOME of the things indicating that the game is going to be as broken as MW2 is

let alone the Nuke

blackbeld2429d ago

I will takes this 3 perks!

1 Specialist
2 Reflexes
3 Infiltrator

xX-StolenSoul-Xx2429d ago

This is most likely fake, Heck i bet the poster was the one that made it all up.

For one they will no remove Uav Jammer/Ghost/Cold Blooded type perk

blumatt2429d ago

Exactly man!!! I want the 3 kill streaks from CoD4. 3-UAV 5-Airstrike 7-Helicopter That was perfect to me. There was much more balance in CoD4 than in other CoD games as of late.

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sourav932429d ago

I can see covert perk being a camp fest...

NarooN2429d ago

Yeah I know. This shit is already broken to hell. Not only are the first-tier perks already overpowered, but then there's now not just TWO, but THREE levels of each perk? Fuck off, IW.

Jezuz2429d ago

It's official, MW3 is a joke. Almost all the perks are just renamed and added one or non extra features.

arjman2429d ago

ElPresador on youtube nailed it, people who stand still start to show up as red dots, the more you move the more invisible you become

SpLinT2429d ago

brb running side to side and in circles

iPad2429d ago (Edited 2429d ago )


--Feature I: The main feature of ‘Reflexes’ allows you to use your knife a lot quicker.

FAAAAAIIILLL. I can see it now.

Dude with a shotgun sees someone running: You're mine dude. Shoots from 1 feet away.. WTF I GOT A HITMARKER... OMG NO WONDER HE HAS REFLEX... FACKING NOOOB OMG THIS GAME SUCKS!!

Speakindatruth2428d ago (Edited 2428d ago )

So stop believing it, some lame ass with no life thought it'd be fun to speculate about MW3 perks before they've even existed. This was made on a forum. So stop getting your asses in a knot, people.
Here's the link to clarify, the source just sucks ass:

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Karuto2430d ago

Pretty insane stuff. I think the new MW looks nice and worth a try.

awiseman2429d ago


RayRay362429d ago

Yeah I know totally insane. Copy, paste, voice actors; it's a wrap. 8 million sales day one.

Organization XII2429d ago

another mediocre cod, pff, who needs that when BF3 is launching in November!

Herminator2430d ago

This game is leaking like a leaky ship.

HK62429d ago

Poorly built ships sink faster.

RustyMagus2429d ago

Poor Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer. They've probably worked so hard making half a game based on what they've kept from Modern Warfare 2.

Sillyace922429d ago

Raven Software is making the multiplayer side of things.

taokaka132429d ago

And there name isn't even on the box, how sad.

FAGOL2429d ago (Edited 2429d ago )

Seems pretty unbalanced to me.

Edit: Where's Flak Jacket?