Crysis 2 - New PC Patch Detailed

DasReviews writes: "Crytek revealed yesterday the details of their upcoming PC patch for Crysis 2."

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Kon2674d ago

Nice patch. Now give me DX11 and i will go back to play it.

mrv3212674d ago

Do console support DX11.

Will Crysis 2 support DX11.

You'll find both answers are infact the same answer.

awiseman2674d ago

Wow, I really hate EGay, if it wasnt for them, the game would have shipped with these features.

TheDarkness2674d ago

Crysis 2 = biggest disappointment on the pc. Where the fck is the Dx11?? Console port.

death2smoochie2674d ago

Could not agree with you more.
Crytek did an AMAZING JOB just getting the Cryengine to run on these aging consoles running all those effects in real time...That they should get praise for. There is no other console game out right now that is performing what the Cryengine is doing under the hood for a console game....

They SCREWED PC gamers over by making this a console game first and porting it to the PC. No DX11 support. No tessellation. No DX11 features. NADA.
No true destruction like Crysis and Crysis Warhead. No sandbox type play.
PC gamers expect more. Way more.
From a console perspective. Cryetk did a stand up job getting this game to run on consoles the way it did. From a PC perspective. The game was gimped like Sarah Palins intelligence and Crytek should be ashamed of themselves. They should have taken a cue from DICE....

Speakindatruth2674d ago

Add the DX11 support and I'll pay for it on PC. I already made the mistake of buying it on console.

dirthurts2674d ago

Why is everyone still complaining about no DX11?
When you get the patch and your frame rate drops in half you'll reconsider.
It's still one of the best looking games of all time.

bumnut2673d ago

If my framerate drops in half it would still 45+, it is not a demanding game.

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