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FIFA 12 To Have Arabic Commentary

For the first time ever, EA SPORTS FIFA 12 will feature full Arabic menus and commentary. Respected Middle Eastern commentators Issam Chaouali and Abdullah Mubarak S Alharbi will lend their voices to FIFA 12, providing insightful commentary that reflects their real-life experiences from commentating on hundreds of regional and international football matches the past decade. (EA, EA Sports, FIFA 12, PS3, Xbox 360)

user9422077  +   1594d ago
Wow. This is going to be fun.


Arabic commentators go crazy.
zackacloud  +   1593d ago
Arabic commentators mmmmm....

When player scored it just like someone tell him : u got 1 milion$

GOooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooal

Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrooonaaaldooooo ooooooooooooo
zackacloud  +   1593d ago
Someone here hate Ronaldo.
ape007  +   1593d ago
im arab, from saudi arabia, don't think im baised, the arab commentary blows english out of the water, more energy more excitement, more analysis, the english is like

umm..pause...passing ball..pause....and here's rooney and he shots what a goal.............

on topic, Fifa 12 gonna be a tremendous game, new physics engine is amazing, gfx looks unbelievable and an arabic commentary by the best commentator in the world "Esam Al-Shawaly"
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YaKiiuZa  +   1594d ago
I can't imagine this moment ! Thanks NG4A.com for the graet news .

I'll be the firt who would get his hand on the game.
Frak  +   1594d ago
zackacloud  +   1593d ago

mean my love or something like that
ape007  +   1593d ago
Snakefist30  +   1594d ago
Arabic Commentary are Hilarious!
Organization XII  +   1594d ago
oh god no not this!
MoDyDo  +   1593d ago
Why not?
Actually it seems great
ddurand1  +   1593d ago
I was lucky enough to be studying in Jordan during the world cup last summer. Those people love their soccer.

Glad theyre getting support!
delpiero89  +   1593d ago
My reaction exactly
Kon  +   1593d ago
Lame. They got arabic comments but not portuguese comments. Whereas in Brazil Soccer is the most popular sport here.
MoDyDo  +   1593d ago
you seem to be jealous, just keep demanding EA and it might happen
MintBerryCrunch  +   1593d ago
last time i checked the mid east is a much bigger market in terms of videogame and console sales...the ridiculous trade tax in brazil makes each console and game super expensive, which has in turn caused a lot of piracy issues in brazil
zackacloud  +   1593d ago
By that side i'am super agree with u pele it enough to said.

But it all about money.

Also arab gamer r so serious to have a big effect in game industry.

They took to EA about battlefield3 that 'Hotel' in arabic it wrong and request to correct it.

Also a lot of games lately in arab region that made them want more steps.
Demonxx  +   1593d ago
The Arabic community is bigger than Portuguese and Brazilian so i think they deserve some of this.
CrzyFooL  +   1593d ago
Allah hu akbah!!!
F4sterTh4nFTL  +   1593d ago
Actually it is Allah Hu Akbar
Which means God is Great.
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maniactadpole  +   1593d ago
i NEVER get tired of listening arabic and spanish commentary :P
Jack-H  +   1593d ago
*looks around* ...*looks around again* ... Really?... NO ONE'S gonna do it??....

Well, I'm not doin it... *scampers away*
Abdou23  +   1593d ago
Great Move especially Essam el Shawaly, I wish PES would do the same.
JackHelou  +   1584d ago
GREAAAAAAAAT!!!! Chof Chof Chof !!! :P..
Ghadara Ghadara Ghadara !! " That was for Iniesta's Goal vs Chelsea 2009 "
GUYS It'll be great!

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