Steel Diver Review (

You certainly won’t play another 3DS game quite like Steel Diver. Let’s face it – there hasn’t really been another 2D submarine navigation game recently to compare this to. The maze-traversing sections, which are based upon the velocity and inertia of your vehicle, are reminiscent of the superb, underrated Nintendo DS gem Soul Bubbles, which is no bad thing. Further to this, the use of the internal gyro for the short yet enthralling Periscope Strike hints at what the console is capable of.

This is far from a bad game, but there just isn’t enough of it and you cannot help but wonder why it wasn’t limited to a DSiWare release (as was once mooted). It is very hard to justify forking out the full retail price for something so lacking in content. That said, if you can pick the game up on the cheap, the reserved, slow-paced gameplay comes very highly recommended, particularly when weighed against some of the less original games currently populating the shelves in these early days of the 3DS.

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JebusF2607d ago

I really enjoyed this game, it's just rather short!