CVG: FIFA 12, a whole new ball game?

CVG: The wildest thing EA Sports could probably do for FIFA would be to rebuild the footballing faces of 1966, wash the screen in black and white and call it FIFA Flashback, or something a little less camp.

Instead, by the very nature of its subject matter, the next iteration of any sports sim will always be a revisit to the same pitch, court, ring or track, with updated names, a graphical upgrade and a handful of game engine tweaks.

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Senden2641d ago

I find it interesting how they claim how hard it is to do sporting sequels. Thing is, sporting sequels have it real easy.. they just need to tweak and add a few new marketable gameplay things and the fans will lap it up. In terms of production costs to profits ratio, I reckon fifa is probably top of the pile alongside other EA sports games.

It'd be nice to see them invest some more resources so we don't just get the same old career mode reskinned each year (I thought fifa 11s career was terrible with the awful player growth). I've always wondered what it'd be like if they put an rpg like twist on it where you gain experience in matches for doing various things and level up.. they could use it to replace the rather boring (in my opinion) virtual pro system .

I think ultimate team was a great implementation however they only bothered adding that as they knew it'd end up making them as much as if not more than the actual game itself. I'd love it for them to invest those sort of resources in new innovative game modes to really make you rethink how football games can be played (like fifa clubs).

Ofcourse seeing as it's EA I doubt they'll bother putting resources into it simply because they know they don't need to.

Malcopunch2641d ago

Personally i want a football game that is not realistic.I want it to be the WWE All stars of football.

Ninver2641d ago

fifa street will do you nicely. leave the real football games to the fans.