Why FIFA 12 is a revolution in football games writes: "FIFA 11 was a great game, one of, if not the best sports game of 2010, but it was in many ways just a tweaked version of the previous version, which itself was a refined version of what came before. FIFA 12 is shaping up to be different. After seeing some of the big changes EA Sports is making this year, the publisher might not be far from the truth when it calls FIFA 12 a revolution. Here are the key gameplay changes and additions to this year's game that EA has revealed."

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guigsy2610d ago

The first two new features sound fantastic. The only way you can usually dribble into the box on FIFA 11 is when the opposing team makes a mistake or you pull some master trickery out the bag. Having more control in those areas is a massive benefit.

TruthBTold2610d ago

Me wants now. 2011/2012 can't start soon enough. Who bought who, what are the new teams and whatare they wearing. Fifa and pes are icing on the cake.I wish they would release the game before the season starts though, would be beTter. Still got some games left this season though.tomorrow the best in spain and the best in england battle it out. May the best team win.