Could Celebrities Make a Larger Presence in Video Games?

"Voice acting has become a much larger piece in the gaming world over the last decade. With consoles becoming much more powerful, video games have also become much more cinematic." -theGamerBuzz

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dangert122611d ago

no so they can push up game prices with there unrealistic but real enough wage packs, and i don't like the fact celebs are rammed down my throat 50% because of media,fiction charectars are better

xPhearR3dx2611d ago (Edited 2611d ago )

L.A Noire has TONS of very famous actors and it was still the same price as every other game. I don't see a specific game costing more because it features celebrities. Only time we will see a price increase in when the MSRP is raised for all games.

EDIT: I guess "very" famous would be a little extreme, but there's a couple in there that are very well know. I kind of enjoyed how some of the more well known actors were only in there a short while. Having someone appear in a game going "Hey I know him" here and there is more satisfying then seeing them over and over again. At least to me.

Christopher2611d ago

I wouldn't call any of them "very famous". Known, yes. But definitely not "very famous". And the most recognizable were typically very underused as well.

Christopher2611d ago

They could, but not likely.

1. Costs enough as it is to get them to do voice acting unless they're attached to a game to line up with a movie (which usually are poor quality games).

2. Adding on the cost for image capture and use will only see a big increase in costs.

3. Many actors who don't do video games as it is don't do it for a reason. They don't want to see them running around assaulting NPCs, running over pedestrians, having hot coffee scenes, and just mindlessly mowing down thousands of people with whatever weapon you can get your hands on.

I think the talent pool is about the same, though for some niche games they may look to using some lesser known/used names in TV and Movies. I think most games will continue to artistically generate characters, but they will definitely continue to use Hollywood stars as the basis for many character concepts.

MasterD9192607d ago (Edited 2607d ago )

I've always enjoyed hearing when certain celebs are actual
gamers...Some celebs sound like they would work for whatever pay just to be in a game. Gotta appreciate a fan at heart.

Mass Effect 2 did the celeb voice-acting nicely IMO. Seth Green and Yvonne Stravhoski are awesome.